Friday, December 8, 2017

Prepping for battle


Yes both posts are a day late this with it.

Anyways, in our next round of what I've taken to calling Hobart's Funnies (following last week's all Urbanmech game), Kushial and are playing a 'no mechs' game of battletech this coming weekend.

They look like little more than wreckage at this point.
Cleaned up...mostly. The behemoth wouldn't come clean after at least a year in the simple green, followed by such a vigorous scrubbing that I nearly broke one of the guns off of the turret! 

My force. The Behemoth isn't a standard tank for the Free Worlds League Militia, so this one was captured at some point. Judging by the appearance of it however, it looks like it was recovered from the bottom of an ocean!

In preparation, I pulled my horde of tanks out of the simple green and scrubbed what was left of their old paint jobs off. Seriously, considering the majority of the 2nd hand CBT tanks I've gotten over the years, I think the average Battletech miniature painter is visually impaired, though as always there are exceptions (yeah and those paint jobs make mine look I'm visually impaired...).

Aww yeah...

Speaking of, I painted an AC-2 Carrier this week giving me 2 painted minis vs. Kushial's completely painted force. :-/ 

The AC-2 Carrier is kinda like my signature tank if there is such a thing. I've converted several over the years, but this is my best incarnation yet, built off of an old Oro. At best they're very situational, at worst...near worthless. But for whatever reason I like 'em. It'll also make a reasonable stand-in for another fav or mine, the even more maligned Laser Carrier.


Kushial said...

I do like that conversion. Very nicely done and I look forward to trying to blow it to smithereens. LOL

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks (I think?), lol. Shouldn't be too hard to do, the succession wars era AC-2 Carrier is armored with cardboard.

Admiral Drax said...


Anna john said...

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