Monday, January 15, 2018

Farsight Enclave Cadre Fireblade


We've had this mini for what seems like ages, but for whatever reason I all of a sudden wanted to paint it. This will be the commander of my small Farsight Enclave force, though odds are he'll likely serve as just a glorified Shas'Ui in Kill Team games. Unless of course I revert to the 6th ed codex in which case he'll get all of his Fireblade stats as the Fireblade was originally a squad leader upgrade.

This was a simple conversion, with the addition of a helmet and a hand swap showing him tossing a grenade rather than waving a sheathed blade around in the impotent fury as he was on the original sculpt.

In looking for a color for the cloak, it ended up with a rainbow of individual splashes of color on it until I decided on orange. Not quite sure why, perhaps because I use the color so rarely? Dunno, but I figured a Fireblade would want something a little less ostentatious given that he's only armored in Tau equivalent of carapace armor. In the red desert terrain of his force's bases, this doesn't stand out nearly as much as would on say, a green flocked one. 

This still needs to be clear-coated
but its too cold outside to do so.
Speaking of his base, the Tau debris is painted in the colors of My Beloved Wolfy's Fem Fa'Tau army. The Fem Fa'Tau are commanded by none other than Commander Shadowsun who (it is rumored) has been charged with the task of taking out the renegade Commander Farsight. I have no intentions of getting the Farsight model given that this will be such a small force, but it easily justifies her Fem Fa'Tau and my Farsight Enclave forces fighting one another in games of Kill Team.

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neverness said...

Nice, or as my Chaos Daemons call them: "G'lurg' deim s'urglahs gathissss"

...ok, Google Translate is having difficulties with that, but I am sure it was both imposing and witty!