Thursday, July 12, 2018

Struggling on...


Yes I survived the weekend, but only just. I still ache all over and feel drained (both mentally and physically). Working in that ungodly heat just sucks the life right out of ya! Especially for one such as I, who is no longer acclimatized to the heat. 

But no one really cares about that right? Right.

The weekend before I left for my brief stay in hell, I bought a partial box of tac marines from Micheal (of the amazingly painted Dark Angels fame). Combining them with spares I already had, and a few bitz ordered via ebay to fill in the missing pieces, I ended up with what is essentially a 10 man dev squad for a mere $23. Nice.

Time was short but I was able to assemble a few before leaving:

Pay no attention to the Halfling & Minion loitering in the background...

The two on the left will go to my 30k Blackshields. Still not entirely sold on using the scout arms and heavy bolter on a regular marine, but it fits well with their pariah wargear theme. The other three, along with a previously assembled ML gunner will form the base of Rainbow Warriors dev squad. They'll only have 3 missile launchers, but like the Blackshields, my Rainbows also suffer from having drastically limited resources.

Hopefully I'll have the rest assembled before this week's end. 


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I dig those builds, man!

neverness said...

Those are looking great so far!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys!