Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I'm stalling...apparently


Ya know it occurred tome earlier this week that in all of my 20+ years of mini gaming, and the myriad of colors I've primed said minis in, I've never once (until now) primed a 40k tank in white. Now, whilst to many folks that statement will likely elicit a mental 'so what?', it's been my experience from watching others that priming tanks in white always ends either badly, or takes two to three times as long to complete (unless you're intending for the whole thing to predominantly white in the end). Indeed, I used to game with a guy who's White Scars' paint jobs barely went beyond their primer coating...

One day this will be a dirty, dust covered orange
(or, thanks to Monkeychuka is it actually red?)...

Yeah I know contrast paint is apparently great and all, but washes on large, flat, horizontal surfaces has also been a bit of an issue in the past for me, and given that contrast is essentially paint mixed with a wash, I think that that maybe part of my worry.  

As such, it appears that I'm stalling. 

1 finished, 3 WIP, and being rebels...conformity is blissfully nowhere in sight!

I've painted two and a half Battletech minis this week (the 'half' was a partial repaint). My second Silver Drakes sergeant is about a third of the way done, and then...clear out of left fucking field (yes, waaaaay out there) I started painting on the rest of my Rebel Ghar Tectorists from Beyond the Gates of Antares. 

The rest of my so-called army (sans one unassembled bodyguard suit), with some Imperial Forestry Service Rangers in the foreground. know...that game that I've: (1) never played (2) have in the past tried repeatedly to sell off both in it's entirety as well as in portions (3) and am trying once again to do so now as I'm tired of kicking the box of these around after 3-4 years of not touching them  (4) and know that painted or not, the game locally is pretty much dead (I could be wrong, but when it comes to gaming I don't get out much these days) meaning this 400 point 'army' will likely go back into stasis to not be seen again for who the fuck knows how long. 

So um yeah...that's me for this week. 


neverness said...

...wait, I could have been posting about nothing this entire time? I should have called you for advice!

Da Masta Cheef said...

'Filler' content of this caliber is what separates us 'professionals' from you 'amateurs'

Zzzzzz said...

I suspect that the little men pulling the levers inside Da Masta Cheefs head have been replaced by butterflies, just flittering from one thing to the next, tasting it once with their tongues and then just flying off to the next idea or shiney thing.