Thursday, March 11, 2010

And a few days for chaos...

So as per the norm, I put aside the Tau & painted a few Chaos minis. In preparing for the 610pt. game I talked about in my previous post, I figured that in an army that small, my commander should at least be painted. The 'new guy's' army is fully painted, though its kinda rough looking (in his defense, when I started playing my paint jobs were dreadful too).

Anyways, This model is an old one, been painted, repainted, stripped & repainted again over the years. I named him 'Ivan the Cannon' years ago, don't recall when, or in which army he was painted for at the time. I've always used this model as a sorcerer, usually armed with his 'bolter of change' or as in the last game, 'the doom bolter'. This time around I moved him back on the base (I glued a nickel into the base to eliminate any balance issues) & added the familiar to the base and the book of sorcery on his back. The pages are painted in a flesh tone, as no self respecting chaos sorcerer uses a book made of paper.

And the other mini I painted was my converted Renegade IG Enginseer. I used the Foregworld Nurgle Preacher and just added a servo skull, pistol holster, grenades, and a bit from Fabius Bile's backpack as a servo arm (not sure where I got this bit as my Fabius Bile mini is fully intact). The scrolls draped over the top are again painted in Dwarven flesh, to look as though the litanies (instructions/schematics?) of the Dark Mechanicus were written/carved into human flesh. It looks kinda pinkish though, may have to tone it down a bit.

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