Sunday, March 28, 2010

A little BFG this week.

Hello, I haven't done a whole lot hobby-wise this week. I've been outside a bit more with the slowly improving weather (March is more or less a free-for-all weather wise). I also went to my Sister's for the weekend. My folks were in town for a brief visit. So was a good weekend.

Okay, minis...

I've been reorganizing my Battlefleet Gothic fleets. A buddy & I play about once a month on average, but we both have Imperial fleets, so its been a bit repetitive. So I've decided to try out the Orks. I'm now up to two of my scratch built 'Ork-N-Saw' Klass (the name is a play on the name of the state of Arkansas)light cruisers, however I need to bigger Kroozers as well as some escorts. So, with money tight as ever I've put the majority of my Imperial fleet on ebay. As they collectively stand, my auctions are @ $56 with four days & a hoard of watchers to go. So hopefully that'll give me a good start for Da' Boyz.

I did keep a paired down Rogue Trader fleet though, roughly 850 points or so. I've always liked the fluff of Rogue Traders, however the official GW RT rules 'Fabric of the Imperium' aren't too exciting. So instead i use the Warp Rift (issue 17) Rogue Trader rules. They allow for a lot more flexibility. However, there are quite a few typos and I really recommend double checking the point values via the Smotherman 2.0 formula available on the Port Maw website. Its about as close to an official BFG VDR as you can get. Its not technically official, but I've been using it for quite a while.

With the sale of all of my carriers, I reequipped my RT 'Trade Galleon' as a carrier. I had to repaint it but that's of no concern as i never much cared for its previous paint job. here it is so far, still a work in progress.

I've dubbed it the Merisicord, after a Rogue Trader like ship with a truly bizarre interior & culture(s) in the 2nd Sandy Mitchell Inquisition novel Innocence Prove Nothing.

We've also been looking into trying out Heavy Gear Blitz. I'm leaning towards a Port Arthur Korps (P.A.K.) starter box which also includes the rulebook. Dunno yet though, will see.

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PAK huh...nice.