Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been playing around with a banner for this blog for the past two days. I got the idea after reading about it on 'Suneoken's' post on the 'Pathfinder' blog (many thanks to Dverning for finding this again for me, I'd lost the identity of that blog & post) . Anyways, depending on who has been viewing and when, some of you may have seen various banners pop in & out. I kinda like this one but I gotta ask, is it a bit too much? Over-powering, etc? I wanted to use my Battlewagon, but I think the model might just be too tall.

I dunno, as indecisive as I tend to be this banner may just be the first of many.

'Da Matilda' is my Battlewagon. It predates the current GW model by several years, instead being designed around the old Ork codex. In the old dex, zzap guns hit automatically so were far better than in their current form. The tank is relatively slow (futile as it often is, I still shoot the zzap gun every turn), a bunch of boyz can ride on top, its heavily armored and the zzap gun (with its variable strength & BS 2) makes for an abysmal offensive weapon. So rather oddly, the fighting characteristics of this Matilda are really little different from the Matildas of WWII.

Here's the first banner, which was removed, but is kinda necessary for this post)


Dverning said...

Hm... It's large, but I've seen worse. It's also a great model.

Hmmm... If you enlarged the text, used a different font for the small stuff, and/or let the text be closer or even on the model... you could probably cut it down to 1/2-2/3 the size without loss.

HappySpawn said...

If ya want, e-mail me some stuff. I'll play around with it in Photoshop and try to get something to ya at the shop on Saturday.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Dverning, Thanks! Its one of my favorite Ork vehicles, and luckily is approximately the same size/height of GW's BW. So it wasn't shelved or broken up for spare parts as I'm sure has happened to many home built Battlewagons.

This pic works for now, I'm still playing around with it, as is Happyspawn. I'm sure one of us will come up with something that's both suitable & less intrusive.

Dverning said...

BTW, was the impetus maybe Suneoken's post at Pathfinder?

Cheers and liking the new banner!

Da Masta Cheef said...

YES! That was the one! I browse through so many blogs on a daily basis, I invariably find something cool, move on, and then can't find it again.

And thanks for the compliment!

Da Masta Cheef said...

I've edited this post giving proper credit all around.

Dverning said...

I read literally hundreds of 40k blogs, but that one was memorable as it was both a good read and had linkage to me. (I still need to get him something nice as thanks for the banner he made for me...) Glad I could help.