Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Combat Patrol ideas


Last year I went to the 40k Meltdown tourney in Knoxville, it was fun, but the points vs. time allotted was off meaning none of my games (all of which were hordes vs. my horde) went beyond turn three. This year rumor has it that the meltdown will be a 'combat patrol' tourney presumably based on the Adepticon version (just google it). The possible exceptions are that they're thinking of allowing FW army lists with the restrictions of: no super heavy tanks/creatures, no flyers, and you actually have to have the rules needed (that last bit is a no-brainer, except locally we have some of the 'I got this scanned codex off of the internet' types).

My first thought was the Vraks Renegades!

• 20 man blob of workers rabble
• heavy weapons platoon (1 force org. slot) consisting of:
no frills command section, 2 lascannon squads, and my 2 quad-stubber sabre platforms.

Lots of guys, lots of firepower, and lots of LD issues. The workers rabble has LD of 5, the rest I won't know till the very beginning of each game.

Second thought was the Exodites (and a trimmed down 'cliff notes' version of their accompanying field guide).

The problem with Exodites is, if you don't have lizards on the table, you're doing it wrong. Five Dragon Knights & a 'naked' Warlock clock in @ 200 points. All that leaves room for then is either a large Guardian blob, or a small Dire Avenger squad & my scatter laser Guardian squad. Still viable though...

My third thought (and by far the easiest) is Da Orks!

In WWII the LRDG would (via trucks) deploy self contained patrols out into the field. In 40k, DLWDG can ALSO deploy a self contained 'kombat patroll' mounted in trukks. So fluff-wise its already a 'win'! Plus, having almost 1850 points already painted, the variety of Orky kombat patrolls that I can come up with is just bedazzling! One possible list could be:

• 10 shoota boys, w/rokkit launcha, nob w/boss pole
• trukk w/red paint & armor plates
• x2 (but separate choices) Deffkoptas w/twin-rockets & buzz saws
• looted wagon w/boom gun, big shoota, armor plates

(Please excuse the recycled photo)

Just a quick note: I'm heading outta town on an unexpected trip (which is why this post is kinda early). So my next post probably won't be till about this time next week.


John Lambshead said...

How about Big Mek Popskis private Army?

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, like a big mek with KFF, 6 kans & a unit of grots to fulfill the troops requirement?

Ya can't go wrong with a name like Popski, although wasn't that shortened from Popinski or something like that?

CounterFett said...

I like the Vraks list, since I am fixated on Vraks myself right now.

Also, I nominated you for the Stylish blogger award.

Check it out...