Thursday, March 10, 2011

Upgrades for Renegades part 2


Well as I mentioned Monday, I've added a veteran squad to my renegade IG. On a whim (like so many gaming related purchases) I pre-ordered the Cadian hazardous environment torsos from FW along with the renegade weapons arms. As expected the renegade arms fit pretty well without any real need for modification as they're meant to be used with the standard Cadian torsos. One problem with all of the Vraks models, is that the token veteran squad has always been hard to differentiate from the regular grunts (usually I had to point out that the unit had three special weapons as opposed to the usual one). In the remnants of my loyalist IG for example, the vets all have shotguns. While I could have done the same sort of thing with the renegades, periodically I use the FW Vraks list, where anybody can have las/autoguns, shotguns, pistol/CCW, etc. So that wouldn't mark them out so much. However with the extra large rebreathers along with the standardized armor & helmets (Imperial markings removed) these guys will definitely stand out!
I didn't add any of the little accessories to these. There are a few knives, grenades, and a bunch of lasgun charge packs. I remember thinking 'why would they give me these when everybody has an autogun?' Where it then occurred to me in hindsight that its probably because these weren't intended to be renegades with autoguns. One guy does have a lasgun as an autogun snapped in half. It was one of the held out in one hand types, so there wasn't a second arm point to securely glue it. It was way to small to attempt to pin.

I also rather like the Sgt. mini. Running forward, an autopistol in either hand, one of which is held kinda sideways in home-boy fashion, it brings to mind and old piece of Necromunda artwork showing a juve in a similar pose (sorry, couldn't find the picture I'm thinking of via google). I used the vox torso for the Sgt., so rather than an antenna, I added a spike with a skull on it. The metal spike could potentially act as an antenna, and I figure that the skull had belonged to a psyker, thus helping him commune directly with the Chaos gods!

Screw the chain of command!

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