Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vyper -> Finished!


Well, I finished this up last night and I'm rather pleased with the final product:

The view screens of both the pilot & gunner were given a layer of 'ard coat to look shiny like glass though that's hard to see on the pilot's view screen as the cockpit canopy is glued in place. Kinda reminds me of the Sentinel in that I painted up all that detail that'll never be seen. No fogging on the canopy either! That's probably not as much of a concern on this kit as the back of the cockpit is open to vent the glue vapors.

I had to finally just put it down and say 'done' because there seemed to be an endless array of little touch ups. A lot of the little imperfections are usually covered up when I make my tanks dirty, however I can't do that with the Siam-Han (not even bugs on the windshield, damn that holo-field!) It also feels kinda frail. Then again it is an Eldar model. Its probably no more so than an Ork trukk, rather I'm just used to painting rhinos. So the frailty is symptom of not being shaped like a cinder block.

This post is a bit early in the week for me, because tonight I'll be playing BFG, Heavy Gear tomorrow night, and Dark Heresy on Friday. So there won't be a whole lot of time for painting, taking photos and the like.

After the fact edit: in honor of 'old stuff day' check out this post. It was always one of my favorites as it easily demonstrates my lack of concern for the infernal concept of 'metagaming'.


slipwing said...

Looks good. I like the crisp clean look of it. Well done!

Da Masta Cheef said...


rogue.trader.voril said...

That looks really good. And you have inspired me! I was looking for a base to do for my new dreadnought... shot down Saim-Hann viper :D

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, Shot down? You can't even escape your dungeon in Morristown, much less actually shoot something down...

I can't realistically argue that idea though as my SM dread is standing on an Ulthwe painted Eldar dread base in honor of Rob's (now Justin's) army.

rogue.trader.voril said...

:) dungeon? Why don't you fly your viper over here and see what is laying in wait? ...Crap! Ruined that surprise... Pay no attention to the heavy gun emplacements behind the curtain.