Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, the Indignity...


As an additional point boost to my BFG Ork fleet, I've been using a converted FW transport as the 'Gubernatorial Cruiser' Acheron belonging to the infamous Herman Von Straub (using the GW Rogue Trader rules). Von Straub disappeared in the aftermath of the 2nd. war for Armageddon & returned with his Ork 'allies' in the 3rd war. Thus, our games have been taking place during those intervening years where Von Straub was MIA.

The FW transport is modular, and so adding in an extra section, it was about the size of a Dauntless light cruiser. It also has launch bays for transports & such. With the Ork fleet I initially used it as the standard RT cruiser, but that had too much firepower for the model used. Then I tried it as a Defiant class light carrier for a while, but scratched that as it got confusing with the 'you can shoot these bombers, but not those fighta-bommas'. The Defiant class also has the +1 to defense in boarding actions due to it's narrow ship corridor, in the Achreon's case, Von Straub had so many luxury accommodations installed, that boarders simply couldn't find anything of value to damage.

So, using the Smotherman 2.0 formula (BFG's unofficial VDR found @ Port Maw which sadly, seems to be deceased), I stripped out the launch bays (those on the model itself were for luxury craft only) and kept the same armament making the Acheron a 'Gubernatorial Class' (which was a woefully undergunned light cruiser) from there on out.

After our last game I figured I'd paint & sell it (hard to see detail on a primed black mini). I popped off two of the chopped portions & reassembled it as an escort carrier. I made an escort carrier out of transport leftovers some time ago, and it sold for enough to cover both the transports! However after painting it last night, I decided that I liked it enough to keep.

So dumping Herman down to a mere escort (it does have two 'Xenos' escorts atwell, though they look rather Imperial to me) I thought 'Oh the Indignity', and thus it was named. I've learned in the past that an Escort carrier sucks (as does a Gubernatorial class cruiser for that matter), and using it as such would bring back the fighter confusion again. So, relegating the launch bays to luxury craft once more, I'm currently debating whether to use it as a Defense Monitor or a Q-Ship. Both are normally very situational, but we're pretty lenient in ship classes fielded.

Of course if it continues to epically fail for no gain as the Acheron in all of it's various forms did, it will eventually go the way of ebay.


Screech said...

Don't worry. I'll just bomber-blob it with the carrier just like the rest of your fleet. OM NOM NOM!!

Da Masta Cheef said...

With 6+ armor all around if I use it as a defense monitor? Bring it!