Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll send three squads to help!


My personal life has been rather abysmal here the past few days, and as such, I've had little want to put paint to brush. While mini painting can be a good escape, sometimes it just isn't good enough. Two more Stormtroopers-turned-Mercs have been started, but are anything but photogenic in their current state. Murl's wanting to play a game tonight, but i dunno...not sure if I even want to bother with the FLGS or Morristown this weekend.

Anyways rather than (continuing to) cry on my blog I'm instead going to plug another one. Adam (a.k.a.: Banner Elk Gamer, BEG, [now] Hive Angel [Angels get hives?] & Hivefleet Banner Elk) has started his own gaming blog: Send Three Squads To Help.

As he is a Blood Angel player, he will no doubt use that as a platform from which to spew the misguided propaganda that is common to followers of the Corpse God. lol.

So give him a look & yes rogue.trader.voril, that was your cue to troll away like you two used to do so often on TNwargamers.


Hive Angel said...

I fear you will be the death of me.


Thanks for the publicity.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I do what I can. ;-)

You're welcome!

rogue.trader.voril said...

First off: I dunno what you have going on in RL (as I have also followed on FB... Why dear god, why am I still on FB (different reason - different rant... so different forum)?!!?!?), but the best cure is to come down to Morristown and have a good ol' day of gaming and witty banter. Trust me I know. If you are a no show I will personally find you and troll with reckless abandon in RL... your choice.

Second: Thanks for the cue to troll BEG, but it's scarcely needed. I'm on it. :)