Monday, April 30, 2012

K-9 Team


Yesterday's Morristown tournament was cancelled on account of a magic tournament instead (bleh). While new to the 40k thing, that shop needs to communicate better with their player base (a generic FB page with not much in the way of specifics doesn't work). I know of at least one of our local guys was going out there to play 40k (its about an hour drive) as none of the rest of us have any of his contact info. The only reason damned near a half dozen of us didn't go was due to an email to me from rogue.trader.voril, with me texting the rest. Unfortunately I didn't get his message till i had gotten home from our FLGS, some 10 hours after it was sent or else I could've saved that one guy the trip. I know several of the other players there come from about an hour in the other direction, so I'm curious as to how many people showed up only to find that they wasted their time & gas...

Anyways, It was just a normal painting day as despite the beautiful weather, we're in the full blown pollen nightmare season, so I really need to minimize my time outside until the hay fields are all mowed down. That usually happens around Memorial day making it one of my favorite holidays!

Not in the mood to paint my protomech horde as I still don't have any of the record sheets to use them. Or rather, I have some alternate variant record sheets, but their weapons fits leave me wondering 'what were they thinking?' By the way, check out Hive Angel's battle report for the CBT game we played last week here. Setting aside Battletech, I opted instead for Sven's lost wolf, which had arrived the week prior.

It came out pretty good I think. Of the various poses that GW made, I like this the most. I added a Space Wolf colored bolter & chainsword to the base just for the hell of it. Just in case anyone wonders who this little critter used to belong to. Plus the wolf was positioned so that one of the paws touched the chiansword allowing for a second point of contact to be glued, for additional strength.

Looking good so fur!
I also finished up 2 more of the Tyrant's Legion Mercs who will be accompanying this beast and started base coating the squad leader. I ought to have a field-able force soon, though tanks will be a serious issue for Legion until I get around to building the sentry guns (and I still need to get one more to field the minimum of three).


Hive Angel said...

All the renegades look like Brok, lol.

I can assume my assault squads will get tied up in wolves as well.

First guard, then chaos spawn, then chaos hordes, now wolves.

Someday my assault squads will make it through the thicket, just you wait, lol.

Gigawatts said...

I am disappointed that you missed the obvious pun of "Looking good so fur."

Please, fix this ASAP.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol Giga! Will fix immediately!

Its only ONE wolf, Angel, surely you can handle that...right?

rogue.trader.voril said...

Yay, back to 40k... Bring on the whining! :)

neverness said...

I confess to being jealous that you got to paint that model before me. After i built my wolves a few weeks ago, I wanted to paint them immediatelY! They're all really good models.

Da Masta Cheef said...


Dalinair said...

Nice wolf, I like the all brown variant!