Monday, June 30, 2014

A big kick in da teef!


The new codex in a nutshell.
Ork players have soldiered on for years with a waaaaaay out of date codex, then this weekend got a new codex only to find that da boyz were beaten over the head with a nerf bat. I'm not one to jump on teh interwebz hate wagon, but gee thanks GW. I haven't gone thru all of the minute details yet, but here's a summary of what I've read thus far:

The Good:

• All Boyz units can be upgraded to Ard Boyz, not just one unit. Whilst expensive, at least it allows orks to have a chance to survive when faced with anything other than a stiff breeze.
• Lotsa Meks! Not taking up an HQ slot much like SM Techmarines meanz Meks everywhere! I still miss the old mek mobs from waaaaaay back, and thus I have a lot of them.
• My Orc Shaman-turned-40k-ork-Weirdboy now has a 'Force Femur' instead of just holding a big bone, lol!

GW, now in partnership with Kromlech...
• Runterdz don't have to have Squighounds, so SCHULTZ!!!, my Kromlech Runtherd is now equipped accurately. Also Grot prods are pretty good now.

Lining up for these sort of blitzkreigs will fare no better than they did before...
• Thanks to a hasty WD article, I can still use my Looted wagons!

There will be NO more of this ignoring da oomies right in front us bullshit anymore!!!
• Tankbustas got a good change to Glory hogs (no more getting gunned down by a squad in point blank range cause there's a tank way behind them, as happened last week). Bomb squigs no longer go off in the unit, and they FINALLY GOT TANK HUNTER!!!! They can also take a Trukk as a dedicated transport. So these guys won't be as much of a disappointment anymore (I hope). This looks like the ONLY unit that has dramatically improved (probably because they were so bad before...).

I'm okay with there being no new models for these as I already have three which are nicely converted I think.
• Buggies have outflank now!

In the 'meh' category we have the new Mob rule. Still don't quite have my head wrapped around it, but the old one worked really well which is exactly why it needed fixing, right?

The Bad...or rather the Ugly (Its hard to tell where there's a difference):

• The new dataslate layout kinda sucks. I guess GW really liked Apoc and also likes shoving that game style down our throats...

Aww, sad little Kan...
• Killa Kans are 15 points more, and for that cost they got an odd form of panic tests, and their Klaws dropped to S7. Sure that still scares infantry, but landraiders will no longer keep their distance (which was always nice).

I hope he paid into his 401k...
• A SM Vet. Sgt. armed with a power maul can easily get the Warlord VP if a Warboss is armed with a power klaw (like so many, many of them are). Unless of course he's a special character or in mega armor, then the BEST saves he can get is 4+ with a 6+ FNP. Seriously? They weren't fragile enough before that they needed to be even more fragile in a challenge? Any Marine commander, loyalist or Chaos is going to eat these guys for lunch in challenges!

Turn dat turret around you git!
• Forgeworld has this  lovely little rule on the Avenger strike fighter called: defensive tail gunner. Basically the tail gunner can shoot at a different target than the pilot as he's facing the opposite direction. Makes so much sense. The Grot gunner rule on the other hand? Nope, same as before. Guess we'll see nothing but dakka jets (despite it's needed waaaaugh nerf) and the occasionally Burna bomma with its turret ALWAYS facing forward. The Blitz bomma's tail gunner is purely ornamental i guess (not that it could hurt the many Imperial front AV12 aircraft out there).

Sorry Neverness, but you'll NEVER see a deff rolla on this now!
• KFF's range and Deff Rollas, and Nob character shenanigans were also nerfed, but personally I'm for all of those as such shenanigans always annoyed me.

S3 would make sense if Ork still has scrawny little arms like these...
• Orks are STILL the S3, I2, SV6+ (on average) HTH army that has to rely on massed BS2 shooting and surviving horrific amounts of attrition via sheer numbers to have some semblance of achieving victory. Which, is kinda one dimensional in strategy. It would've been nice for Trukk boy units to be anything but suicide units with little hope of achieving anything before actually suffering said suicide.

• Fuck I don't know what else...the more I read, the less enthusiastic I am about it.

In the end I'll keep Da Groop as I really like the fluff and look of them. I'm sure they'll win here and there, but it'll be a serious struggle and those wins will not be frequent...kinda like the old codex, only it'll be even harder to do now.


Edit: It also annoys me that the photo gallery in the codex is almost entirely Bad Moons. Guess the other clans really don't matter...


Greg Hess said...

Play some games. They're awesome.

Throw a pain boy in with some meganobz. 2+, 5+ FNP. Warboss can still take mega armour as he can reroll his armor saves with da stick..i mean come on. It's so ridiculous!

Defkopta's super cheap, 5 cost what 3 used to.

Did you look at stormboyz? They have like a 40+ inch threat range. SO CHEAP.

The codex is amazing. It's just hitting us where we used to keep our old tried and true lists. Just keep playing and stop worrying.

I'm basically in close combat, at the edge of my opponents board on turn 2 now. It's absurd.

Plus if you want to run a dread mob...we got an utterly massive dread mob formation. 9 killa kans, 2 naughts, three deff dreads. Can't ask for much more.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I have 1 meganob used as a Big Mek (I'm not paying $63 for 3), 1 deff kopta (as the the old ones in my old air wing of 12 always fled the table after suffering the first casualty in each unit). I've rarely had any luck with my proxy storm boyz stormboyz either. Don't have any dreads, because until recently, the model looked like ass.

Considering the OMG HOW MUCH $$$??? investment it would be just to make the $50 I feel like I just wasted on a new codex worth it really isn't appealing nor (more importantly) possible in my current economic situation. Especially as my army didn't need any of those units to be good in the past.

And it may still be good, but I'm not getting any of the excitement I felt when I bought the SM & Eldar codexes. Which makes me loathe to buy more to make up for it...

neverness said...

I have a feeling eBay is about to be flooded with old Ork minis as people over-react and dump whole collections online. Might be a good time to fill some army gaps afterall.

Greg Hess said...

They already have! It's weird that people dump models before playing games/ But hey, I guess the internet is one place everyone over reacts to extremes!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah, that's my thought as well. The only ones I'd be willing to dump are the old 2nd ed models that don't match the rest of the army's look. However they were all but worthless to sell with the old dex, hence my keeping of them.

Sir Tainly said...

Seems par for the course with the latest dexes - I felt the same after the IG sorry AM dex was released.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Ya know, I forgot about that one. IG was my 1st army, and I've had at least a dozen incarnations of them over the years, none currently though. I was kinda underwhelmed by the new dex given what people have told me about it. Especially I only have a small contingent of Arbitrators to use as a Commissar, Chimera and Vets squad. Doesn't seem worth the $50 price tag for the rules...