Monday, June 2, 2014

...and the terrain just keeps on coming!


Just another quick shoutout to Patrick at our FLGS: Hobbytown USA who just keeps cranking out some awesome terrain for us to play on! Last night we walked in, started chatting with the gang and---OOH! New table! lol. Here are a few pics:

We (my GF & I) got to play on this table with Rob Saturdy night. I was running an Eldar Corsair allied contingent whilst she was running my Exodites. It was her first run at using Eldar and she really liked the mobility vs. her Tau, but the psychic powers really threw her for a loop. Given that the 7th ed psychic rules are very different, its probably best to just teach her those rules from the outset (even though I'm not too impressed with what I've seen with 7th ed thus far). Regardless, Rob threw in the towel in turn six, as Typhus wading thru anything he came in contact with was the only thing working for his plague marines.

Left to right: Me, Rob, Billy, Rosco, Scott and Joah.

Also, in a both unexpected and unplanned event, a bunch of the old crowd from when I moved to TN some 15ish years ago all showed up and we took a coupe of group photos, as who knows how long it'll be before we're all in the same place again...

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