Thursday, June 26, 2014

My last game with the old Ork codex.

With that thought outta the way, I can forget the past decade with a codex I didn't much like, and (if all of the rumors prove true) can look forward to many more years with a new codex I won't like. lol, my love/hate relationship with the orks continues on I guess.

Anyways, RTVor--uh, I mean Archon Voril and Kushial came over to the house for a Carnage game with my GF and I. 1K points each, 7th ed, all battle-forged armies.

The battlefield, with the glow globe as the objective.
Kushial's Astra Militarum/IG deployment.
Voril's all Wraithguard/Lord/Knight army which was quickly dubbed the 'That Guy'
The Fem Fa'Tau's Deployment.
Da Green tide, crammed into every square inch of my deployment zone!
Looks like that Grot lost some sort of bet...
The Tau kick things off with some shooting to little effect...
The Eldar quickly take aim at the Tau! Curiously I didn't get a pic of Kushial's initial moves...
...but, Da Orks quickly disperse after multiple IG templates landed amongst them! Though I was relieved to find out that the Wyvern only fires small templates! Whew!
The Grotzooka starts inflicting losses amongst the IG's advance, but they doggedly keep on coming!
The Fem Fa'Tau's commander watches the Eldar advance her way with trepidation...
BOOM goes Longstrider's Hammerhead! 1st Blood to Voril.
Well folks, it took many months (they're a new edition to my army) of suffering thru the long hated 'Glory Hogs' rule, but my Tankbustas (in the battlewagon) finally blew up a tank!
Not sure why I took this pic, but the Grotzooka was kicking ass and it came out good, so here it is. :-)
DarkStrider's Devilfish (from which neither she, nor her squad would ever disembark) arrives in the enemy's backfield.
Do you see that? And here there was a BoLS post arguing that the Eldar are the good guys just the other day...guess that issue is settled, lol.
I believe these took out the Tau's Commander this turn.
After winning the roll off amongst ourselves to deploy Kushial's 'misplaced' deep strikers, I won and figured the Eldar ought to have to deal with them.
Here comes Da Lord Commissar (with Powerfist)...
Curses! Da Oomies immobilize da Battlewagon with plasma guns!
Da green skinned wave continues to expand, with the grots putting considerable pressure on the Pathfinders who can't seem to kill enough of the little buggers!
Remember we're Glory Hogs, so ignore da oomies who are about to shoot us (a lot!), der's a tank over dere...
Despite a cautious advance with constant fire, the Firewarriors are also having issues with the oncoming horde of greenskins...
Darkstrider programmed her Devilfish's drones well...2 hull points and shaken for a turn!
Wraithlords with dual flamers, very dangerous!
This beastie charging into combat seems like overkill. That said, the first round was a tied combat with 1 wound a piece.
It took 2 rounds, but da red Kan took out the Commissar in HTH. (Note: the much smaller Tankbusta unit due to IG shooting, the bloo kan took care of them though!)
The ork wave continues moving and shooting in all directions...
Whilst the Wraithknight finally stomps the Scions into paste!
With the end coming at the end of turn 5 (no, we didn't have a turn 6), da boys were about 3 and 1/16" away from the objective, damnit! So Voril took the win with 1st blood and a Warlord kill.

Kushial surveying the carnage (literally).
With the battle over, we enjoyed a post-game dinner afterwards out on the deck (looks like Kushial's threatening me with the tongs!).
It was a good time as expected, and not a bad finish for the old Ork codex. I'll be getting the new one this coming weekend, and will see just what all that will effect/alter with my beloved ork army.


Kushial said...

It was a pretty enjoyable evening. But I definitely need to get a bit more guard to round out the force.

neverness said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I wish I was there...:(

Da Masta Cheef said...

Sorry, 4 is kinda our limit. As it was we moved the game table out to the dining room, as we were afraid it would be too crowded in the game room.

Kushial, I thought you were going to field those destroyers too (which was kinda worrisome)!