Friday, June 6, 2014



With family in town we'll not be making it to the FLGS for some gaming this weekend. That said, Jim, free of his murderous schedule of attending college and working 2 jobs for the evening, came over for dinner and a test run of Kill Team. My GF and I were running Tau vs. Jim's Blood Angels-turned-Black...erm, Red Templars as he forgot his BA codex. We had the Headhunters scenario, but lacking a turn counter, the scenario went out the window instead turning into a battle to the death!

Jim, concentrating on recalling rules he's either not used in a year, or simply not ever used at all.
The Fem Fa'Tau's Commander, in obvious good spirits at the battle's start!

The advancing Tau forces consisted of a 50/50 mix of Kroot and drones. The Kroot were chaffing at the Tau's insistence of having the drones in command (experimental AI's...grumble, grumble...).
Red ones die fasta?
Checking for line of sight, ya gotta leave it to Jim as he has all the cool toys!
Not satisfied with the flashlight, he switches to the laser pointer...
The horde advances cautiously...
Target sighted! Though it seems that no amount of Kroot rifle fire could fell that bastard!
A 'shield' drone suicidally charges into the enemy (with predictable results).
Leaving the wreckage behind, the marines advance looking for more targets.
And outflanking marine with a flamer (soon to be named 'Barbeque') roasts a Kroot!
Following Jim's lead, we decided to leave the bodies where they fell.
A Kroot down's the enemy leader. At this point the enemy was 'broken' and LD tests soon took a heavy toll amongst the enemy's ranks!
The Kroot sniper is downed shortly thereafter.
Despite 4 Kroot rapid firing into the fucker, he wouldn't die and instead toasted two more Kroot. The result was a now 'broken' Tau force. LD tests inflicted horrendous losses amongst the Tau forces, luckily the 'Leader Drone' rolled Zealot making it fearless.
The two lone gunmen who refuse to die or run away...
With all of the remaining Kroot fleeing the field (bloody mercenaries) and a few drones following suit, the Leader Drone charges the last two Marines!!!
Eventually, the drone was felled, but it managed to go about 2 full turns in HTH before dying!
 In the end, Jim won with his two surviving marines. Much fun was had during our 1st kill team mission (even though we ignored the mission half way thru). Good food, good company, and good times, can't ask for any more than that can you?


neverness said...

Hooray for the red guys! Looks like much fun!

Mordian7th said...

Nice! Looks like a really fun time!