Monday, July 7, 2014

Another brand of geekdom!

One day a little ways back at work, my friend Ryan asked if my GF and I liked pinball. I said yes though neirther one of us could remember the last time we'd even seen, much less played a pinball game. Ryan said he had some and invited us over for (an excellent) dinner and to play. Holyshit folks, check this set up out!!!!

He has 14 pinball machines total, though a few are in varying states of repair.
Not the original display, but certainly a good one!
Kinda dazzling isn't it?
Of all of the game I played, this one was my favorite!

This is planned to be mounted above the game display pictured above.
This would really have pissed me off were I feeding quarters into it. I think 4-5 balls were gone before I even managed to hit one with a paddle!

Antique Roadshow...this one you can have as many as 3 balls going at once!

Sadly the Judge was currently under repair.

The first thing you see as you open the door to his arcade! Note; the box to the left is a new Wizard of Oz Pinball prototype that hasn't even been officially released yet! On the right is a still wrapped up Tron II pinball machine.
Spiderman has always been my GF's favorite super hero!
This one is upstairs!
He buys/sells them at shows/cons' swap meets. He also replaces the lighting with LEDs, put real speakers in them rather than the el-cheapo speakers they come with, and as you can see, many of them are even signed by their original designers!

Not content with just pinball, Ryan also has all sorts of movie memorabilia. Some of his own creation, and some purchased, all quite impressive though!

Any Hellraiser fans out there?

Yes he acid etched the brass himself!
He made this and brought it to be signed by the MST3K creator but the guy didn't have any of, puppets(?) for promo pics so he used Ryan's. Just add it a bit of photoshop and...
...tah dah! Dozens of fans got signed glossies with a fan made Tom Servo!
All in all we had a great time and are sure to be back!

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Kushial said...

I think I spent way too much time playing a Star Wars pinball machine in college. One day a week I'd have a couple hours long break between morning classes and afternoon lab and my commute made running home not practical so I'd spend the time more often than not in the student center on that machine.