Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ward-Master Lorgath Maclir

Master of the Storm Wardens

Imperial Commander of Sacris

Lord Protector of the Northern Halo Marches

Marshal Designate Imperialis of the Ninth Convocation

Bearer of the Hideous Mold-Lines

 lol--wait what?

Yeah, this guy has some bad ones. I really didn't see them till I hit him with a wash and yeah...about that. Washes can really pretty up a mini, or they can scream: BAD! BAD! BAD!!! It seems as though this mini was telling me: 'Hey you lazy fucker, why didn't you do this the right way?' Yes I was being lazy, just painting over what was already there, didn't simple green and strip it. The banner pole was snapped off, so I cut off the stub and tried to smooth it out. The paint job looked pretty good till I hit it with the wash. It all kinda fell apart after that.


Oh well, good enough for now I suppose. I may have to go ahead and Simple Green the other termies before painting them though. I would have liked to have said, that when Maclir met his first foe in glorious single combat, he was victorious and damned the aforementioned flaws! but...


Sadly he was defeated before he even made it out of the light box, lol.


Kushial said...

Behold, I have become cat-shiva, destroyer of all your defenders. All your models are belong to us.

neverness said...

I dunno, I think he looks good. I like the flesh tone particularly.

Anonymous said...

This? This is what won out over the Saturday night game rant?


Da Masta Cheef said...


So I could enjoy some ranting in the comments section perhaps? lol.

Archon Voril said...

So we can enjoy some ranting in the article.