Thursday, July 17, 2014

Retaliator Squad


This week's project was getting my Tyrant's Legion Retaliator squad ready for this coming weekend. Well, mission accomplished (paint not included):

We will confuse the enemy with our mis-matched color schemes!
Normally an Elite choice, my warlord: Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus (center) makes one Retaliator squad a troops choice. A Retaliator squad is really little more than a glorified assault squad, that trades jump packs (meaning yes, they'll be riding in a Rhino) for combat shields and void hardened power armor.

Void hardened armor allows them to reroll failed armor saves vs. blast and template weapons (assuming they got a save in the first place). However that bonus comes at the cost of -1 to run rolls, charge rolls, and sweeping advance rolls. That's somewhat mitigated by Carnac's fixed warlord trait that allows his unit to reroll failed sweeping advance rolls.

No, he's not the Sergeant, but he wins the prize for the coolest pose in the squad!
I was hoping to have 2, 20 man Legion Cohorts for this weekend, but having just counted a short while ago I came up 5 short. Oh well, I'll tweak my list and fill that deficit up with something else I guess as we're kinda busy the rest of the week.

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neverness said...

...he seems kind of small for a Centurian.