Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lambda Shuttle repaint and a last minute U-turn on my part...

Okay, time for a quick change from where this post was originally heading (more on that below, and as only Voril and Wolfy had knowledge of it, likely they'll be the only ones disappointed). Instead I offer all of you the finished Lambda Shuttle repaint:

Both Wolfy and I were pleased with my rendition of engine glow. Its kinda ironic though given just how slow the ship itself is...
So: ta da! Another (minor) project done!

 When first writing this post, I was all set for another bout of nerd rage from atop the ol' soap box, but it occurred to me that only I have a problem with everyone else (i.e.: it seems every game is approached with a kick the others guy's teeth in mentality rather than something that would be fun to play against. Yes, primarily in 40k, though Bolt Action looks to be following quickly even though our group hasn't even played it yet!), but no one else seems to have that problem. Guess that means I've graduated to 'that guy' status. Achievement unlocked!


So I deleted my long-winded rant about everything degenerating into (quoting myself here) a pissing contest between grown men playing with their fucking toys! Besides, everyone locally has already heard it from me before (to no avail). I do however wonder if I've just out-grown gaming (as often it just isn't much fun anymore aside from painting minis) and I'm left pondering: just what the hell do I do now? Were it not for the recent additions of X-Wing, and some minor forays into Infinity and Bolt Action, this blog would probably be dead already when you consider its 40k content. Indeed, I've even discarded my State of my 40k series as for the most part, that state is simply: awaiting their turn on ebay.


Archon Voril said...

Awe dang. I was so looking forward to another bridge burning, scorched earth, run for the hills, good ol' fashion nerd rant that you are know for. :D

Part of this feeling is the game systems, but part of it is you as well. How do I know this? I'm a passenger on the same boat. I have given up the games I feel not only breed this 'kick in your teeth' behaviors but also promote it.

What it boils down to is stick with the games you want to play with the people you want to play with. Simple.

Greg Hess said...

Engine glow looks great! I was wondering when your rants would extend to x-wing once you figure out they have the same type of shenanigans as 40k does. People can always find an combo to exploit.

It doesn't matter really what game you play, it's really the players that make the game. Good players? You'll always have a blast.

Asshats? It's going to be a miserable time regardless of the game!

It's why I always aim for friendly, or narrative style events. Or if you attend a GT, just lose the first couple games to get seeded in the fun bracket :).

Kushial said...

I think we've got a group of people, and I'll include myself in the number, that enjoy the verbal sparring part of the hobby as much as the actual gaming. The verbal "kick their teeth in" as you put it can be just as fun, and I don't think I really bring it to the actual game and can just have fun while playing. You're fairly passive at times, more so now that you're turning into "that guy" who is the old married guy. But don't worry, until you find yourself modeling a house terrain piece so you can yell at the younger models or game pieces to keep off your freshly flocked lawn, you're safe.

Adam Tomlinson said...

I've always built Space Wolf army lists that were more fluffy than derpy, but I agree that playing games simply to blow sh*t up on the other side is not a way to make friends. Actually one of my favorite memories was playing fantasy with my best friend. We were playing prolly around 3k points, and from turn 2-5 (when I started keeping track) I rolled over 50 ones. -_- Needless to say, I lost, but it was a fun game.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Adam, the odds of managing to do that are simply staggering, you should have followed that up with buying a lottery ticket!

Greg Hess said...

Wow 50 1's...sounds like my nid buddy.

Turn one, flys up, casts a psychic power. Perils. Takes a wound. Fails grounding test. Takes a wound.

Opponents turn, does two wounds to downed flyrant. He fails both 3+.

Edwin said...

I would have loved to have read that rant. I have had gaming groups where it was a pissing contest between grown men playing with their fucking toys, but it was always card games that did that. Gamingtends to escalate quickly when things start going..has hobbytown changed that much recently? I remember alot of people liked to bring armies that had fangs, but they didn't bite people every game