Monday, January 19, 2015

Spaceships exploding everywhere!


Yes this weekend we played what's becoming the usual epic game of X-Wing. However this go round was my turn at total dice failure where I could evade NOTHING! Oh well, Voril has had that twice now, and Wolfy as well, Kushial you're next! lol.

Instead of a bat rep, I've got pics of another favorite of mine: EVE Online. I've been playing EVE for years now and am kinda bored with it to be honest. Nonetheless there are occasional highlights. For example, I have one of my characters in the Red Vs. Blue alliance. RvB is easily the 'friendliest' PVP you'll find in EVE, and this past Saturday they hosted a Destroyer Free For All (FFA) as a send off for the retiring CEO of Blue Republic.

The set up was destroyers only (aside from 2 Battleships fielded by alliance execs, from which prizes were given for top damage dealers and to whomever got the final killing blow), the dessies were fully fitted and provided by RvB for free in allotments of 5. Each ship was to be insured for the maximum amount which netted the user a profit of 700k-1mil isk (the in-game currency) per lost ship (EVE insurance fraud for the win!). It was a blast and I played for close to 4 hours, losing 21 dessies (the first was my own which I flew directly to the event, the rest were RvB supplied) and I 'whored' myself onto 69 kill mails.


'Whoring onto KM's' is the fine  EVE tradition of not linking your weapons for maximum damage, but instead shooting at everything in range. In many cases, the amount of damage inflicted is minimal to negligible, who cares? Your character was on the killmail which is all that matters! At certain points I was in scattered pockets of combat and I grouped my shots getting top damage dealer and/or killing blow on several of my fleet-mates. All in all it was a hellova good time!

Here are some screenshot highlights:

In the center is a Raven class battleship moments from detonation!
This is a Dominix battleship experiencing it's own death by a thousand paper cuts...
One of my Dessies, on the verge of destruction!
Green icons are in corp, purple in fleet, and off to the left you can see Jita 4.4, the busiest space station in all of EVE. On the average day, there are about 1100-1200 players in system at any given time, RvB had the numbers up to 2100+ at one point meaning the lag was atrocious! CCP had blocked the gates into the system periodically due to the strain on the server, meaning it took me a few minutes of clicking 'jump'  just to get in system while stuck in the traffic jam at a neighboring system's jump gate...
Another of my ships moments before its demise!
Eventually I had to log off as the lag had gotten so bad I was down to 1-2 FPS, rendering the game unplayable. That and it was dinner time!


Kushial said...

Friday before last was my turn for the bad dice. I rolled all of 3 evades for that entire game.

Greg Hess said...

Ha..I used to play eve a ton. Had a maxed stealth bomber pilot. Loved ganking tier 3 battlecruisers that were trying to snipe people :).