Monday, January 12, 2015

(X-Wing) Lambda Shuttle WIP Repaint


Sorry, no pics of this weekend's reenactment of the evacuation of Hoth. I brought my camera, but the day before the battery was almost dead so I put it on the charger and....yeah, it was still there when I was at the FLGS. So much for that idea. :-/

Anyways, our (WIP-repainted) Lambda Shuttle made it's battlefield debut in it's new colors. It drew tons of compliments which is always a good thing! It also laid down some good long ranged fire support though I'm starting to think the heavy laser cannon isn't worth 5 points for just an extra shot at ranges 2 & 3 (with no option for crits.).

Unfortunately I'm going to have to glue the wings in the down position, because as you can see they keep scraping the new paint off on the sides.

Sadly, its only notable action was getting pancaked by Kushial's Rebel Transport! Though it did take out an extra shield with it's anti-pursuit laser! So yay, for small


Greg Hess said...

That's a great looking shuttle. I really need to start looking into painting some of mine.

Is there any difficulty in doing so, other then their size?

Da Masta Cheef said...

No, not at all. I just mask off the stand insert so it remains clear (if priming as in this case). I also masked off parts of the wings that I wanted to stay white with blue tape prior to priming.

The rest I just painted over the existing colors w/o priming, and clear coat them afterwards. Its really quite easy.

Greg Hess said...

Good to know! Thanks! I think I'll try this one my lesser used ships first!