Thursday, August 13, 2015

For the 1st time in my 20 years of gaming, I DON'T have a Space Marine army!

How did that happen?

Oh that's right: ebay.

Yes, this pic came from their ebay auction.

The most recent marines sold (the Storm Wardens) were ironically made up of almost all of the exact same models as I got 20 years ago in the 2nd ed 40k starter box. At my height (somewhere between 4th & 5th ed) I topped out at 19 40k armies! Don't ask where the hell I stored them all, because even now I can't figure that madness out. Currently, I have 3 (Orks & Eldar, both of which struggle to reach the 1500 point mark and my Grymn Militarum and friends who can't even reach 1k). Wolfy still has her Fem Fa'Tau though, which is easily the largest 40k army in the house.

What can I say, the twin travesties of 7th ed 40k and more recently the Age of Sigmeh have really strained my love of all things GW. However their redemption may possibly be in the near future. Ya see, unlike so many miniatures that have gone the way of ebay over the past year or so to keep the lights on, food on the table, credit cards at bay, etc., the Storm Wardens have a higher purpose. Their funds are going into a savings account, to await the day that plastic 30k arrives.

We've all seen the sprue pics, so we know its going to happen, the question is when. Luckily GW's marketing division likes to keep their customers completely in the dark, so who the hell knows. Right before Christmas is my guess. Regardless, I'm generally not in the position to make a triple-digit impulse buy (which often seems like GW's overall marketing scheme). Thus the Storm Wardens' funds will await that release. I may add to it in the intervening days/months/years as well...we'll see.

I do still have marines though. My current inventory of them is as follows:

Dark Hands/Subjugators: I have the periodically retired predator that I got an honorable mention with at Gamesday Atlanta some years ago, along with my Subjugators Librarian. Not sure why I kept him, I just like the mini I guess.

Exorcists: Yes, the accursed Matt Fucking Ward still exists, in my game room...I forgot about that model until just recently actually.

ANGRY MAHREENS!!!: Floyd Uberson is the only one I actually painted, and the only one I have left...and he's really fucking pissed off about it!!!

Aurora ChapterHow in the FUCK can there still be a damned Aurora scout sniper left in this house?!?!?! I've sold them to Sweden (literally), given them away, repainted them and then given them away, and yet there's another half painted, headless one in the fucking mini case! Its like a god damned conspiracy or something...

Techmarine: He's a 'non-denominational' techmarine, meaning he's bereft of chapter iconography as I got tired of switching/repainting his shoulder pads (you can see him in Floyd Uberson's link above). He has 2 heavy bolter servitors that have been primed green for years now.

Blackshields: My former Emperor's Children, 30k contingent. Currently I have the recently painted Centurion and 5 recon marines (a.k.a. Scouts), a Techmarine with a conversion beamer along with a pair of Servo-Automata flunkies to serve as ablative wounds for him. I also have the now former Captain I killed Draigo (11th pic down, fighting some losers...), swimming in simple green who will be demoted to a mere grunt, an original rhino that's swimming with him, and my original predator which is the very first 40k model that I ever bought (in another year, that tank will of legal drinking age in this country!).

Storm Wardens: (3) bikers, of which only one is assembled and painted. These are the first minis my beloved Wolfy bought me, and thus they have sentimental value, yes even on the sprue.

Red Corsairs: with the demise of my Chaos marines, Centurion Niro has found himself retired to my Hall of Heros awaiting the day he can scratch the cowardly name of Tigurious off of his Murder Sword...


I was going to further list the chapters I've fielded in the past as the number far exceeds the total number of marines listed above, but...I'm kinda tired and its getting late,  so screw it.

Maybe some other time.


greggles said...

Haha love how you find models still. I imagine if I sold everything, I'd still find random models for the next year :)

Unknown said...

I can't get rid of my Wolves, even when I'm not playing because they are just soooo nostalgic. Honestly, my space wolves would be some of my last possessions I'd sell. Too many friendships, conversations, and memories surround them.
I do hope, like you, that GW doesn't go the way of AoS with 40k. Even if they did, I'd keep my Wolves as collectors pieces, but it's so much more fun to play!

Waaargh Pug said...

I've always wanted to do one of the 4chan chapters. I was partial to the hilarious rose/pretty/anime/whatever the hell they were lavender ones.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Greg: Yes, you undoubtedly would...

@Adam: Actually my fist space marine army was the Space Wolves, that's an army I've built up and sold off twice. Some of us are already pondering which edition to play when 40k suffers its inevitable AoS-esque demise. Luckily FW's 30k rules are grounded in 6th ed which is fine with me.

@Pug: The Pretty Marines??? The sworn enemies of the ANGRY MARHEENZ!!!!

For you sir, there will be a reckoning for this outrage...

Unknown said...

I'm still holding out hope that GW will realize that it's a good idea to have 1 point/win based wargame and 1 fun/story based game. That being said, I could be convinced that AoS's story based thing could be good for how I like to play Wolves, but I don't think it will happen. AoS hasn't been very well received from what I've seen.

neverness said...

It's sad to see them come and go but I have been wondering if makes sense for me to continue to dream of making a Celestial Lion army when I have Ultramarines serving the same basic function, so I get it.

Zzzzzz said...

Ha ha, Liking your definition of 'no marines'.