Monday, October 24, 2016

Interrogator Themis


With the recent interest in KT, I picked up this mini from Prodos Games to lead an Inquisitorial Kill Team. Equipped with a bolter and storm shield (which curiously, Inquisitors don't have access to, just their flunkies), this is a really kickass looking mini! Most was cast as a single piece of resin.  Yes, seriously.

This is exactly how it looked right out of the box: 

This is from a game called Space Crusades (that last 's' is apparently all that's needed to stave off a copyright lawsuit from GW).

No assembly, washing or anything required. Look at those undercuts...what the hell? Makes ya want to ask: Okay Forgeworld, why in the hell can't you make stuff like this?' Sure they make minis that look just as good, but not flawless single piece casts!


neverness said...

That is a crazy model! And I agree, quite bad-ass. Where was this model when we were playing Dark Heresy?!

Screech said...

Probably because it's not cost effective. Forgeworld could do it...but it would cost you more. Also, one must keep in mind that Forgeworld's models are massed produced, whereas this is likely not so.