Monday, October 17, 2016

Predator WIP 1


Well, its been a long time coming, but my original predator (for those who don't recall, this is the 1st 40k model ever that I bought), has finally made its way to the front of my painting queue (again).

As you can see, the new reinforcements have arrived as well...

Nope, no sponsons this go round, just the autocannon and combi-bolter. Most of the time this will be outflanking via the 'Sacrificial Offering' Rites of War, and as such the sponson weapons (which I don't have anyways) would only be snap-firing. That said, in 30k the Predator's autocannon gets 4 shots rather than 40's 2. So appearing on the board with enemy vehicle's side or possibly even rear armor visible, this will be quite a potent vehicle vs. anything with AV13 and on down. Even against infantry, the potential to wound/kill 4-6 models a turn is nothing to shrug off.

The Alpha Legion often accent their tanks with steel, or silver, so I think the center of the hull will get that treatment making the painting of this a bit less laborious. Or at least I hope so, I'll let ya know how that works out...

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