Monday, October 3, 2016

We actually played a game!


As the title says, we actually played a game of X-Wing, though to be honest its the first game of any sort that we've played in what seems like forever. The gamenight at the FLGS was a washout. I guess my and Wolfy's absence has been the deathknell of it here of late. Since apparently Mike and Screech's personalities haven't been entertaining enough to encourage the gang to come out and play, lol.

Luckily, as we were already in town, Billy lives practically within walking distance of the FLGS (assuming you want to walk up a very big hill that is). So we just went over there, and after BSing for a bit, we got down to a game of X-Wing.

The opening stages of turn 1.

I was playing the 1st Order, Billy the Rebellion and my beloved Wolfy was fielding the Scum and Villainy. Our 3rd TIE/FO and the Punishing One were both making their battlefield debuts as well. Billy was the first player wiped out though my last TIE/FO only lasted a turn longer than his last X-Wing. It seems that when list building, I made Wolfy's list a bit too good!

Yeah....these two were scary to face!
Dengar with the title, and all of the bells and whistles is pretty rough, add to that Kavil with a dorsal turret, opportunist and an unhinged astromech and her list was just plain nasty! At range 1 Kavil was firing salvos of 5-dice from the turret! Anything caught between that and the Punishing One would be toast! Yeah, after making the list and then being on the wrong end of it, I don't think my beloved Wolfy gets to use that one anymore.

On a different note, there will be no thursday post this week, and next Monday's will be questionable as well. My beloved Wofy's surgery is this morning at 8am, and I'll be staying with her at the hospital at night (after work) till she comes home on Wednesday (if all goes to plan). Thus, there simply won't be any hobbytime for the rest of the week.


Admiral Drax said...

Yay! X-WING!

Hope the hospital stuff all goes well, mate: I shall be thinking of you, even as a stranger from afar...

Zzzzzz said...

You played a game !?!?

And like AD says, I hope it all goes well.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks fellas! The 2nd bionic hip didn't go in quite as smoothly as the first, so she was in quite a bit of pain yesterday. Surgery pain though which was to be expected, the new hip itself is fine. She was able to get up and move about a little easier this morning before I left the hospital to go to work. If all goes according to plan she'll come home tomorrow afternoon.