Thursday, December 6, 2018

Three-color minimum achieved!


Lavender Death approaches!

Having just built my the final two mechs in this lance last week, I thought I'd divert myself away from Kill Team projects and try to capitalize on my Battletech enthusiasm by painting these before my mind wanders off in another direction...again, as usual. So I took one of my Urbies out of the case to use as a guide to make sure the red and blue are on the correct sides. Despite being a simple color scheme, its easy to fuck up by getting the colors reversed... 

Woops! Had to hold up on the red to get a quick pic for this post's 3-photo minimum (that's a thing right?).

Aside from the Purple base with red and blue trim, there's no real definitive way to paint FWLM mechs. I figure the trim is left up to the individual mechwarrior's preference, kinda like the nose art on real-world military aircraft (well, mostly vintage aircraft anyways). True, my urbies all match, but hell they're just urbies. Their mechwarrior's are too busy trying to get promoted out of those deathtraps asap, to even worry about what colors they're painted! 

...and now with the red. Next up will be the metal bitz and then onto detailing rather than slogging thru a bunch more yucky batch painting, bleh!

I had hoped to get a game of Battletech in this evening with my buddy Rob, but that's not going to pan out I'm afraid (my schedule is at fault this time, not his as is the norm). Oh well, that give's me more time to get these closer to being done (as opposed to the current: base coated/fugly stage). 


WestRider said...

I never really paid any attention to the official colour schemes. Painted most of mine in camo, and the rest up just however, since the fluff when I started had most Mechs owned by their pilots, so they could paint them in their family's colours or whatever. That is a cool look, tho. The lavender is pale enough that it functions as a neutral colour for the strong red and blue, but it still complements both nicely.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Over the years I've done everything from camo of all sorts (including my 'TBAGers' merc lance though only one is painted so far) to official house/merc/clan colors. Personally I find the notion of trying to camouflage upright walking 80+ ton mechs a laughable notion, but that doesn't stop me from doing it.

The passed down thru generations mech fluff cool too. I have an as yet unpainted Stinger LAM that I think will fall into that category. No idea what colors I'll paint it though.

WestRider said...

Militaries today use camo on 70 ton Tanks. A lot of the time, it's not even so much about hiding the vehicle as it is breaking up the visual pattern so it's harder to identify the specific variant and/or to make it harder to visually locate and target weak points.

My fave are the heirloom Mechs, tho. If I'd had the skills, I totally would have done them with heraldry and stuff, like medieval knights. (Or GW Imperial Knights, for that matter.)

Da Masta Cheef said...

True...though I often wonder if the tank-sized digiflage you see on Polish & Chinese tanks actually works or not.

GW's imperial knights are a good parallel, especially the free blades when compared to the heirloom mechs. That said, I tend to go kinda simple on mech's paint jobs. They're too small and I have neither the steady hand nor the patience to do that myself.

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