Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dreadtober Part 1

.....aaaaaand we're off to a slow start. Typical.

The turret is no longer stuck facing sideways!

It was a pretty busy week, however I did manage to get the turret situated, meaning it now swivels freely. It was a bit laborious sawing off the insert that went into the hull with a little hobby saw. I did end up with one gouge due to getting a bit crooked in my sawing, but I caught the issue before it got too bad. 

Its ugly but it works...mostly.

Still lacking green stuff, I instead just cut a few small squares of plasti-card to fit the square in the hull (where said insert had gone previously), and then glued 'em in, one atop the next until they sat flush with the top of the hull. Once dry I made an 'X' to find the center and drilled in an 1/8" hole to fit a magnet. Likewise I did the same with the bottom of the turret. 

Unfortunately...it doesn't line up on center as I had hoped/planned. But hey, its the orks right? Right. Of course, the more astute amongst you may have realized that that's all but an admission that I can't line up a turret any better than an Ork/grot. To that I say: Thanks for paying attention Neverness, now sit back down and be quiet!

just as planned....

Additionally...not only is the turret now out of a proper center alignment, but my counter-sinking didn't go quite deep enough meaning there was an appreciable gap between the turret and hull. Thus I cut a rectangular, plasticard 'ring' to fill the gap. With that taken care of, all is now primed and ready for paint.

Lastly, I'll be putting this on the ginormous base that the venomcrawler came with (necessitating the purchase of another for the crawler) as this wouldn't fit on a killa-kan's 60mm base. This week is looking ugly, but I hope to have some hobby time at some point...maybe. :-(


neverness said...

I find your lack of symmetry...disturbing.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I told you to hush!

WestRider said...

Honestly, I like the way the new offset of the turret on the hull works along with the preexisting offset of the gun on the turret.

Da Masta Cheef said...

:-D thanks!!

Monkeychuka said...

If you angle the turret anywhere except straight on I doubt anyone would notice. I cheat a lot with green stuff in order to get magnets to align but this is Ork technology as you point out. Maybe it's not supposed to.