Friday, April 29, 2011

And the impulse buy is in!

Photo copyright Games Workshop, used w/o permission.

When I got the Forgeworld update email a few weeks back listing the new Eldar corsair upgrade kit as available for preorder, I was ready with credit card in hand! This kit arrived the other day, and in looking over them I'm rather leased with my purchase.

I have no intention of using these as Corsairs. Like most people (I would presume), one look at these and my first thought was 'ooh! New Swooping hawks that don't snap off of their bases if you look at them wrong'. Being metal and in most cases, only having their toes touching the tab that slots into the base, Swooping hawks suck when it comes to keeping them attached to their bases over the long term. Yes, Swooping Hawks suck rules-wise too, but my Exodites were built with looks rather than effectiveness in mind. I'm still debating on whether I want to paint these guys in Siam-Han trim or in the colors of my Spinifex Exodites. Given their variation from the standard Swooping Hawk design, I'm leaning towards the latter.

My fear of snapping parts wasn't eliminated, rather just moved to a different location. As expected, the 'wings' are so thin that they're translucent, so I will still have to take care in their storage & use. The kit comes with 10 Lasblasters, plus the 'exarch' bits consisting of a pistol, power sword and a slightly different helmet. Not sure if I'll use the pistol or not as Swooping hawk Exarchs don't have that option. Rather, I'm wondering what I can do to make one of the guns look different to represent a sun rifle or...whatever the other Exarch gun is called.

I need to buy some Guardians first, so I have some time to ponder that.


neverness said...

These guys have been around since the original Rogue Trader book, but beyond that cool illustration, nothing has been seen of them since. A friend of my mine converted some of the original Eldar models into these guys by cutting them up and reposing them. For wings he used the wings from a dead wasp he found in his attic. It looked great! Now that these are out, the nostagia is quite overwhelming. I can't wait to kill them for you! :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, well if I use my battle cry of 'Guardians suck!' then you could be in trouble. True 'Hawks' aren't really guardians, but they will have parts of them.

btw, Justin won this evening, twas a really good game though!