Monday, April 11, 2011

Some more Auroras


Work on my techmarine went quicker than expected, so rather than just getting him painted, I managed to paint a pair of scouts as well. First, the techmarine:
Ya know, in all of the multitudes of space marine armies that I've fielded over the years, I don't think I've ever fielded a techmarine that was painted in the traditional deep red with just the shoulder showing his chapter's colors. Dunno why really, I've painted librarians in blue, chaplains in black, but never techmarines in red. Oh well, that's not an issue any longer.

This mini is a repaint. So many years back (well before the current CSM codex) , he started life as a Red Corsair renegade techmarine that was painted in the colors of the Sons of Medusa. Of course no techmarine is complete without a bionic arm, which came from an old Necromunda pit slave. While visually impressive, I doubt there can any more of an impractical replacement for a hand than a ginormous circular saw blade!

In the grim darkness of the future, there is....carpentry? Moving on...

Finishing the techmarine Sunday morning, I moved on to some more Aurora scouts in the afternoon.
Two snipers, stripped of their former Dark Hands colors & now in a different shade of green for the Auroras. As in their previous life, I gave them my usual flocked ghillie suit treatment. Its simple, and looks rather good on snipers I think. From the back, they look like shrubbery with sniper rifles poking out.

In looking through the stripped snipers, I seem to be missing a few bits, so may have to peruse ebay for some missing parts if I can't scrounge them up in my bitz boxes. Speaking of ebay, my attempts to buy some cheap scouts have so far been thwarted, however cheap SM scout auctions are a dime a dozen on there, so hope on that endeavor is not lost yet.

I'm thinking of building the Auroras towards a combat patrol sized contingent for now. True, combat patrol won't let me use the techmarine or Captain Erme, but it offers a far more plausible goal to reach than just aiming for a proper army (though that's the eventual aim). Whether I'll use them for a combat patrol styled tournament, who knows? Currently the nastiest CP list I can think of is using my renegade IG. That's still some ways off yet though, so we'll see.


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ch... ch... chia-scouts :P

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The Techmarince needs a chainsaw face...