Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The dead & diseased.


First, the dead:
The build on the Triceratops that I painted is coming along nicely as you can see. The ribs have proven to be a stumbling block for a number of reasons, and I believe that the solution to the problem will be to resculpt them as the cast ribs that I painted will be unusable. Not sure if I'll get the job to paint those or not, but aside from touch ups & the sacrum (pointed out in the photo), I've painted all of the rest of the skeleton.

I was concerned about consistency of my paint jobs, however now that its almost all together (and the crew of staff & volunteers who did that did a fantastic job I think) it all seems to blend in together well. whew! We also determined last week while gaming, that rather than claiming my paint jobs as 'pro painted' I can instead claim to paint to a 'museum quality' level.

The sacrum & touch ups were painted by another volunteer, I'm not sure who other than to say it was someone who worked on the mural pictured @ right. No doubt, if they can paint like that, then a little dry brushing wouldn't prove a challenge. Initially it seemed the project was almost all me, however once I turned the painted casts over to the staff, it turned into one hellova team effort! The mural was traced out on canvas using an old overlay projector, and then staff/volunteers painted it all in. I was supposed to help but had friends in from out of town, and when I went in to the museum the next week, it was already done!

Now onto the 'Diseased' part:
I finished 'Miasmos' and he came out rather well I think. Again, he'll be used as a termie lord only until I get a box o' termies where he'll get demoted down to an icon of Nurgle bearer. Speaking of Nurgle, I also painted up this guy:
Note the Nurgling poking it's head out of his belly.

He's the infamous 'Major Outbreak' to be used as a commissar lord with my Renegade IG, now called the 'Septic Infantry' after the renegade IG in Henry Zou's Blood Gorgons novel. I've always kinda had a Nurgle theme with the army (indeed the Bane Wolf is actually named the septic tank!). Normally I use the Khorne Dog as a commissar lord, but I wanted a Nurgle lord for them as well.

This guy is an old RT Plague marine (he stands about as tall as the bottom of the shoulder pad on the termie above), however I couldn't find a back pack to fit him well (new or old) and so glued on a sheathed sword instead. He's led my renegades many a time, and now with his new paint, can do so in style! Actually, pointing as he is and in the many directions of the 3-up photo, just caused the song 'Staying alive' to pop into my head. If I play that song during the game, perhaps it'll just add to the horror of chaos' minions!


neverness said...

I dig the old school Nurgle Renegade. Almost makes me want to dig out the chaos guys and give them a spin, but the problem is that I loathe the current codex.

Nice to see the skelly almost done. I need to go there some time and view it in person.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Plague marines are pretty much the only viable list in that book, and unlike 'teh interwebz' insistence, dual lash princes (or demon princes period) are NOT required.

Screech brought a Ahriman led Thousand Sons list the other night, and I tabled him with my IG. I heard cries of 'cheese' & 'over powered broken bullshit' & etc, all evening.