Friday, April 15, 2011

Its been a good week of gaming.


Things have been rather busy on the gaming front this week.

On Tuesday, Screech brought over a potential chees-err, umm Space Wolf tourney list. Meeting this nightmare head on were my Dark Hands with their Aurora scout allies. It was the usual slugfest, with the center of the table looking particularly ugly about mid game. My LR Crusader was immobilized, his LR Crusader was immobilized, one of his rhinos was immobile next to my LR, and in between that mess of pill boxes was Lysander & 5 termies, vs. a SW 'Death Star' backed up by another Grey Hunter squad. Lysander's fate was never in doubt, but he did do a good job of plugging up a BIG hole in my line for a bit. Had the game ended turn 5 it would've been a draw (multiple objectives scenario, can never remember the name) but on Turn 6 he pulled me off of one of mine, giving the cheese wolves the victory.

Out of spite, I gave him imaginary zeroes for comp & sportsmanship for putting a Death Star in his army. ;-p

The day after, Hivefleet BannerElk descended on Bristol once more & George Lupus & his Rebel Alliance stood ready to face the onslaught. It was the 'auto-tie' mission (I hope Ron from FTW doesn't see that) and yet another glorious slugfest! Despite heavy casualties, George Lupus orchestrated an ugly win (not that Plague Marines are ever 'pretty'). However had the game gone into turn 7, then I think a tie would have been inevitable.

Tonight will cap off this week's gaming @ a friend's house where they hold what I like to call 'weird board game night'. They have a bedazzling number of European board games, and hold game night once a month. Usually our DH campaign conflicts with these game nights, but currently our GM is out of town on business. So that'll be something different, and I don't think I've ever played the same game twice (how they manage to know all of the rules for these games baffles me).

On the hobby front, work on the scouts continues, albeit slowly as it's been a busy week. I finally managed to get an 'el cheapo' box of scouts off of ebay, and they are currently enroute to me. I also found one of my missing sniper rifle bitz, which returns another scout to my roster. Last night I worked up the mini below for use as a Sgt. when Sgt. Onteli (Telion) isn't in use.
I've never liked this particular pose, nor having him hold the scope in his hand. However, sometime between stripping off his old paint job & this week, I lost the left hand & scope bit. So I chopped up the rest of the arm as well as an Iron Hands bionic arm to fit. Then added an Auspex. I trimmed the SM head a little as well, looks a bit large but I think it'll work. So now it looks like he's calling out targets to his squad.

And last but not the least...

After having sold off my O&G army I no longer have any content forthcoming for you WHFB readers out there. However an old friend of mine, Necron Bob, has started up a blog called From the Jaws of Victory that is focuses on his experiences playing in WHFB tournies. You should go & check it out!


Tallarn said...

I really like that arm swap, very well done. A fortunate loss of the previous arm in the cleaning process no doubt!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, in hindsight, yes it was!

rogue.trader.voril said...

I have a month ago, or so, finished a 60 scout start to my Raven Guard army. I have bits... should the need arise again.

One of these days I may have to scrub the xeno filth off whatever throne forsaken rock that Hivefleet BannerElk and you slug it out over.

"Out of spite, I gave him imaginary zeroes for comp & sportsmanship... "
Just remember to score painting fairly. His mom worked soo hard on them :P LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is great! The facial expression and stance doesn't suggest that he's calling out orders, but rather cursing in anguish at what the auspex is revealing to him!

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, and probably doing so, because his squad continues to roll 3's to hit!