Monday, January 9, 2012

Da Grot Mega Tank & a Devilfish


This past weekend, I played in a 2 v.1 at our local FLGS, and I got to use Da Grot Spee for the first time (still no regular grot tanks as of yet, but no one seemed to mind). didn't do too much aside from look good (and hide dice underneath itself to everyone's detriment). Turn 2 a squabble broke out on board rendering it incapable of shooting, and shortly thereafter it took a lascannon amidships & was stunned for all of turn 3. Still, It did shake a Rhino one round & kill a SW scout or two. Rather than repeat myself with a battle report, I suggest you go here & read neverness' excellent recap.

While @ the FLGS, I also traded out the Paladin 'God Squad'. I had hoped for a Hammerhead, however after perusing the collection of tanks (and swapping out parts to get a complete kit with all parts & no mysterious gaping holes) I just opted for the Devilfish. Overall the hull is in good shape, though drones aren't pictured here. Neither drone had flight stands, and one had the typical broken antenna (both issues which are easily remedied, though its then just a debate as to how long before I break the antenna off myself).

The engines however aren't in the greatest of shape. As per this kit's usual, the sprue gate on the FRONT of the engine nacelle (good job with that GW) apparently left a nice air bubble/hole. Perhaps I'll try the liquid GS on those. Also the undersides have excessive glue and...flash? Heh, why trim that off, right? lol. The flash & worst of the glue gobs have been removed, but its still not too pretty. However as this is all on the underside, it'll be easy to hide.


neverness said...

Thanks for the link! Bloody brilliant game that was! I haven't picked up (or have ever seen) the liquid green-stuff yet, so I look forward on a review from with you or Warfrog on the matter.

Murl said...

hobbytown have liquid green stuff?...need to try that. lmk what u think of it

Da Masta Cheef said...

I didn't see it, but didn't look either. I was hoping the have it, or else I'd have to get it online as there's nowhere else around here to buy the stuff.

rogue.trader.voril said...

I have played with it some... not bad. It (as everything else) has it's uses. Depending how big the gap it may take two applications of it.