Monday, January 23, 2012

Last week was Chaos!


Last week I played FIVE games of 40k, and all using variations of the same list (and trying to capture a hellova lot of objectives). Photos from the first two games can be seen in my prior post (just scroll down a bit). Here's a summary:

Monday, 2k CSMs vs. Mech IG.

While I like to refer to Screech's IG as a 'Leaf blower' list, that concept never seems to work for it (there are always bitter denials as well). Anyways, Pitched battle & 3-4 (I don't recall exactly) objectives to capture. The CSMs won quite handily despite heavy casualties.

Wednesday, 1k CSMs vs. BA, infantry ONLY (just for variety).

Same set up & mission (3 objectives). I took one flank & objective, Banner Elk's BA took the other (located on the Khorne temple...hmm, BA went straight to the house of the blood God, mere coincidence?). The middle turned into a HTH meat grinder in which virtually all who enter died (barring the 2 termies in my last post). So it ended as a draw.

Friday, 1.5K CSMs vs. CSMs. Dawn of war, 1 objective a piece (I can never remember which is which of the 2 objective missions without the book in front of me).

After Rogue Trader Voril alerted us to a tourney nearby, Screech & I decided to go and were using our game @ the FLGS as a 'training op'. We went sparse on terrain expecting that to be the case (and oh ow right we were). However Ahriman & Thousand Sons, were apparently unaware that Tzeentch had forsaken their dice prior to the game. Indeed, it was later tallied that my Greater Demon killed off 700+ points just by himself! Needless to say, Screech's Thousand Sons would not be going to the tourney after that debacle!

Saturday, game #1 at the tourney. 1.5k CSMs vs. Dark Eldar, Dawn of war & 3 objectives.

This was to be the first time since the codex release that I've faced DE, and it was a learning experience (for future reference, kill the Razorwing ASAP!!!). As you can see, we were fighting on a table that resembled Iowa. It was wide open with virtually no terrain! Three guys who said they'd be there with terrain failed to show (typical of gamers) and so things started dying fast from shooting on both sides. Luckily Plague Marines (and as it turns out, Witches) make for excellent tar pits when in HTH combat.

In the background you can barely see my unpainted Plague marines hunkered in a trench. Virtually the ENTIRE Dark Eldar army shot at them for 3 consecutive turns, yet only managed to kill three of them (those guys want their paint!). The greater demon popped out of their champion, and after 2-3 rounds of HTH sent a Hermoculae (or however that's spelled) & a few surviving witches fleeing for their lives. However the infamous turn 5 objective grab won the day for the DE.

Being a single elimination tourney, I would have been out, except that my opponent had to leave and so granted me his spot to continue on.

Tourney game #2, CSMs vs. BT, Spear Head, Annihilation.

Fighting on the same table yet losing the die roll for deployment, I was in the (unseen above) corner that had 2 grain silo (appropriate given the Iowa reference) looking things, and NOTHING else...ugh. The BT army (sorry, forgot to get a photo) was actually his own chapter using the BT codex (man I hate that preferred enemy vow) and was painted in the colors similar to the Astral Claws, complete with free handed lions. He told me the name and when I said 'What?', he said (with a grin) 'The Lions of something Welsh'.

lol. Awesome!

At this point my CSMs' dice had had enough of gaming and pretty much turned on me. However my army went down fighting taking 5 kps out of the enemy while being reduced to just the greater demon running across the table towards the retreating (and denying kps) Lions and one predator. I did have 2 meltaguns both hit & blow up a Landraider crusader in 'magic range' (I always seem to roll 2's to hit in that situation). Screech had fallen in round one as did Voril, so we left to get some food. I don't know who won overall though I believe the Lions were in contention for it.

It was a fun day and both Screech & I got many compliments on our paint jobs (well, for the painted portion of my army anyways, Screech's however was fully painted). There's another in 2 weeks, on Super Bowl Sunday. They plan to have a TV set up in there to watch the game, and seeing as how we both wanted to see a 49ers/Ravens game, will probably go to the tourney instead.

It was also interesting to note that there were no SW, GK or Necrons @ the tourney either.


rogue.trader.voril said...

We had a lone Necron player and a solitary Grey Knight player pull no-shows. It was a good day of gaming, even with the losses. Maybe next time we'll have more Tri-Cities horde show up.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, Murl called today & said he was making an army for the next one!

Thanks again for dinner!

madival said...

I totally would have been there, but it was six months with the girlfriend. I will actually bring wysiwyg :) what's the points set to ?

rogue.trader.voril said...

You're gonna wysiwyg your girlfriend? Perv. Hay, Cheef... when he says girlfriend, does it have quotes around it? "She" is real, and not in Canada or something, right? :) 1,500 points. Bring $5 and two copies of your list.

Da Masta Cheef said...


madival said...

My GF exists. She even came to gaming one night O-o

Screech said...

To quote Courtney: "Your cousin doesn't count."

In other news, the 13th Grenadiers will be making a second appearance. Now that I know the rules of the tournament, I think I might be able to make it past round one (theoretically).