Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tau...Catfish?


Not much has happened this week on the painting front. its been a fairly crummy week and so I've not been in much a mood to paint. However some progress at least has been made on the Devilfish.

Neverness gave me the spearhead tank upgrade sprue for Christmas, and I added the bits from that to the front wings. They kinda look like tank whiskers to me, hence the catfish moniker (or should I call it a 'blackened catfish?'). I figure that they'll work for either sensor spines and/or disruption field generators. Initially I had no idea as to what they were, or even where they went. I was goolging images to see what the other Tau bits looked like when mounted where I eventually found a pic with the spines attached to someone's Sky Ray.

I don't much care for the other sensor bits. They kinda remind me of saddle bags. Plus the backside of them is open, wtf GW? I thought that they fit snug up against the hull, but no. So I skipped them.

While the roof hatch & drones have yet to be primed & painted, decals added & weathering, the topside is basically done. So I'm now working on the underside with the sides & rear to follow. Hmmm, just noticed those nasty mold lines on the landing gear...

I've also tried out the GW's new liquid green stuff on the engine nacelles. To be honest, my first thought on opening the bottle was:

'Surely I have some gloppy dry brush paint somewhere that is just like this. Probably could've used that saved myself $4.83.'

The engines were already in bad shape (waaaay too much glue) so the point is probably moot. Regardless, a few really bad spots were given some glops of LGS, which I'll sand down flat later. I still think that the thick & gloppy paint sludge would have worked just as well. I feel kinda ripped off actually. Oh well, such are the dangers of trying something new.

Disclaimer: While not intentional, the following sounds kinda like a rant in and of itself, sorry Madival, you kinda have that effect on me.

On another and somewhat parallel note, yet another friend of mine has started a gaming blog. The: Lesser of All Evils. The aforementioned Madival is with whom I traded off the 'god squad' for this Devilfish. He has also been the subject of some (well, maybe a lot) of my rants in regards to armies that aren't ever wysiwyg, net lists, playing for ties, shitty/dirty tactics, etc. (okay, so it was a LOT). Indeed I had blacklisted him a few years back after reaching the conclusion that I never had any fun playing against him.

Quite a few people held that opinion, and finding himself faced with the prospect of having nobody to game with (such are the travails of gaming in rural areas) he has started to make a bit of a 180 degree turn in hopes of becoming a 'fun' player, rather than the cheeseball that I so often refer to him as. Indeed, he says as much in his latest post. So give him a look, and encourage him in his painting which is something he only just started to try his hand at. Previously everything in his inventory was either bare plastic or purchased fully painted via ebay (while some do, I personally take no issue with people buying painted ebay armies, as I've sold several on there myself).

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madival said...

Thanks for the mention Cheef. I am trying my best to be a fun gamer. Not sure how thats working out so far as I am playing chad friday and he has already conceded defeat v-v