Thursday, January 5, 2012

Engineseer of the Dark Mechanicus


Ok, here's something a bit more lighthearted after all of yesterday's negativity. Last night, BannerElkGamer's Blood Angels arrived to wipe my renegade guardsmen from the face of the planet, and almost succeeded (almost meaning one survived, the Enginseer). My plan started to unravel early, and in hindsight, removing the HTH oriented IG units (Straken, Marbo, etc.) from my list whilst knowing that the BA were on they're way was a bad decision. However there were a few highlights.

Starting off, over the course of the game, i do believe that my two quad Sabres inflicted just as much damage as the much feared Manticore (I really need to assemble the 3rd Sabre). Second, the Infantry squad that disintegrated under a BA assault squad, almost made it to round 3 when a lone grunt made 6 out of 7 flak armor saves! Had he done so it would have been irrelevant, but making that many saves is always worthy of a mention. Speaking of tar pits, while Major Outbreak (my renegade commissar lord) & the veterans fled for their lives at the first opportunity (box cars on the LD check, nice) the two merged infantry squads has to be killed to a man over 3 consecutive rounds of HTH. Indeed the last survivor was a commissar who rolled box cars on his flak armor saves, and thus holding the BA in place for another unnecessary round.

However the 'hero' of the day was my Engineseer, or a Heretek as they're known in the Dark Mechanicus. You see, in turn one a drop pod landed in my backfield, and a dreadnought emerged (and that's what I meant by "My plan started to unravel early..."). Seeing little hope of survival against that beast of a machine, the Engineseer valiantly charged the drop pod! Krak grenades & servo arm poised & ready. Sensing the danger, the drop pod swiveled it's storm bolter in his direction and opened fire! The result:


He couldn't glance, couldn't penetrate, couldn't even rewire/corrupt the infernal machine spirit within to silence that damned gun! Nor could the pod hit half of the time, or inflict a substantial enough wound to cause him to fail any armor saves! Not even heavy bolter & lascannon fire from a far off Landraider could see the Enginseer off!

The hilarity of that continuing situation made the game far more entertaining than it otherwise might have been!

Also, note the much improved lighting of the battlefield, and the Manticore. Out of missiles, heavy bolter ruined, and half dragged over some terrain via magna grapple (and only after a great many attempts to drag it towards the immobilized dreadnought was it finally moved a mere 3").


neverness said...

that is some way better lighting! IS that one of Screech's Drop Pods?

Da Masta Cheef said...

No its the one I got from Rob.