Monday, July 27, 2015

Cassandra joins us for GorkaMorka Game 2.


Okay, not to burst anyone's bubble here, but Cassandra isn't a female gamer. Yes I know that in the gaming world at large, gaming women are rare, but locally they're just part of the norm. That said, Cassandra (or is it: K'sandruh?) is named after a woman.

Ya see Clayton bought a $12 firetruck model at the FLGS, and over the course of the week converted it into an awesome battlewagon to use in GorkaMorka (yes there are roolz for those here). Why did he name it Cassnadra? Well (quote): 'Its named after my brother's girlfriend, because she's a big bitch!'

lol, wow, with an intro like that you deserve to see some photos to see 'her' for yourself:

You can still recognize the vague outline of a fire truck...
The funky turret still lacks a gun, but it was a rokkit launcha with a yoof gunner (because that was effective).
The cab's roof is removable so he'll be able to paint the driver and interior.
Plenty of room for Clayton's boyz!

Here are just a few random pics of game 2. Game 1 wasn't confusing enough with 3 players, so this time we had 4! This was another learning game, with no campaign rules or bottling out rolls, more a fight to the death or (as it turned out) till okay we're tired and most everything is dead/immobilized.

The following are a few random pics (possibly in the correct order), most were unfortunately blurry/bad and coherent picture of the game was lost with their deletion...

Two of my Trakks lining up to run down 2 grots that had disembarked from Cassandra.

The (typically) failed thrusterbuster move. I did run them down eventually, a few times actually. Oddly though, getting hit by a speeding vehicle is only a S:3 hit, and grots were more resilient in the olden days...
Scott's beautifully painted minis. He didn't paint them however, a detail he ought to have left out considering how impressed we all were with them.
The thrusterbuster chart strikes again! Meaning Cassandra was just short of pancaking my Nob on his bike!
Clayton's nob boards my trakk (and eventually cleared the vehicle of my crew!). this point virtually all of the vehicles were immobilixed, and the enraged drivers were cleaning house in close combat!
Da boys: Clayton (front Left), Scott (back Left), Me (Front right) and Nick (back right)

Again much fun was had, and there are yet more people looking to join in for a campaign!


neverness said...

I hope I can find an opportunity to join in the ruckus, but for now living vicariously through these posts has already been fun!

Waaargh Pug said...

T'was a damned good time! Fun write up, sir.

Greg Hess said...

Loving that fire truck!