Thursday, July 9, 2015

Grymn Militarum command squad is complete!


The July 4th weekend allowed for some painting time, and in doing so I finished off my Company Command squad. Here are the 3 new additions, a grunt speaking into his wrist communicator, a medical bot, and my company commander:

My C.O. is sporting her new colors rather than the original polar scheme, as well as her new friend: a Lesser Mawe (that required the purchase of a new 32mm base which was almost too small for the two of them!). The squad is filled out with its heavy bolter team, the details of which can be seen here.

Ironically while civilian bots are an all too common sight on the battlefield, military grade bots are quite rare due to their high costs and maintenance. As such they're only used in specialized roles. This one for example is the squad's Medical-bot and it has the blood on it's manipulator to prove it!

The C.O. has a domesticated Lesser Mawe with her. They're quite affectionate pets, and this one is snuggling up to the point of practically pushing its owner of of her base! (something any owner of a large dog can appreciate/sympathize with) Lesser Mawes are fiercely loyal and will not only protect their 'pack', but can also be trained to attack at their master's command in combat.

The Lesser Mawe will serve as a power maul. Given the sharp claws and teeth, its safe to assume that only the heaviest armor will protect the target of its fury. The 'concussive' effects of a power maul are best summed up by the difficulty in fighting back whilst this little beastie is firmly attached to one's arm or leg!

As an aside, I'm not exactly sure what the official pronunciation of Mawe is. I've been pronouncing it as 'Maw' (ignoring the 'e' altogether), but it occurred to me that it could also be pronounced like Maui. lol, I might have to email Hasslefree minis and ask how they say it.