Monday, July 13, 2015

Reviving my lost art of painting vehicles.


I have no idea when I last painted a vehicle (no Battlemechs don't count). Not only that, I don't recall what it was, or if I even still have it anymore. So, when my new walker (fans of Rivet Wars will recognize it as a Blight Sturmpanzer) I bought for my Grymn arrived in the mail, I went about trying to remember how to do that.

I used to cover my tanks in mud, crud & grime. However my Grymn are painted in a red desert color scheme, so that wouldn't work. That and their red body armor is toned way down via washes, and I've always had issues in using those on my vehicles. However I tried my 'Grymn method' of painting where after the wash dries I go back and drybrush the original color over the wash, toning it down considerably.

Here is the result:

 I rather like it! Now I just need to do the base (which it just barely fits on). With the fixed forward gun and gray paint job, I've dubbed it the Stug and it will serve as an armored sentinel with a missile launcher.

The red leg armor breaks it up visually from a Grymn's eye view (though I wouldn't call it camouflage per se). The blue is to match the corresponding infantry squad as I want a 1:1 ratio of the two unit types (odds of that happening in the foreseeable future: lololololol!). That and I'm not sure what the unit marking decal translates to, best I can tell it says 'FuckifIknow'.

Piloted by a crew of two, the Stug has served as the Grymn's main battle tank for close to a century now. Its well armed with a general purpose cannon which can fire both anti-armor and anti-personnel rounds. Other armaments can be fitted, but are quite rare. It is also well armored (by Grymn standards), and its walker-type mode of locomotion serves it well in the rocky battlefields of the Gyrmn's homeworlds. Whilst it can't fight in close combat, when attacked by infantry wielding grenades, Stug crews have been known to pilot the tank erratically (read that as: in panic) and sometimes manage to step on an adversary. Such desperate actions rarely save the tanks though. 

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