Monday, January 7, 2019

The Fate of the Lions of Harlech?

All this needs now is it's completed Nid, and then snow flock.

The 3rd part of my Base for a bug series has taken a tragic turn I'm afraid. The Lions of Harlech, a both storied and highly honorable space marine chapter, has been curiously silent for quite sometime now. Indeed, they've been absent from both the blogosphere as well as local gaming tables since the end of last April, and I think I know why. 

As true loyal sons of the Almighty God-Emperor of Mankind, I've discovered a piece of evidence revealing their possible fate. The Lions, were apparently attempting to link up with the Silver Drakes, bringing desperately needed assistance in the Drakes' grueling war against the Tyranid menace. Sadly, the Lions never made it. 

Instead, the only evidence of their valiant attempt to reach their Primaris brethren has been an abandoned escape pod bearing their colors and heraldry. Nearby lay the skeletal remains of what appears to be perhaps a crew member or possibly chapter serf from this now missing in action chapter. On Holy Terra, the Bell of Lost Souls (no, not the clickbait site) has yet to toll for these lost battle brothers in hopes that some survivors may yet be found still fighting the Emperor's enemies!

Yes indeed, those icons match those adorning the Doom of Neverness!

As for the Tyranid warrior who is slated to grace this base, whilst it has been base coated (mostly), the process of painting it has been a bit of a struggle. Mainly because our kitty Baxter has now largely thwarted my last two painting sessions by deciding to sleep in the midst of my desk/painting menagerie. Indeed, its difficult painting anything when you're clinging to a mere 2 inch strip of desk at best, praying the the next kitty-stretch doesn't send everything tumbling into the abyss, again...

Seriously Bax? Isn't there somewhere more comfortable that you would rather sleep?


WestRider said...

Nope. Nowhere else is more comfortable. That is clearly the optimal napping spot :3

Kushial said...

First off, I live and the Lions are still piled up in numerous boxes and trays. That keyboard looks quite familiar though as I bought a new computer tower this past Dec that came with that exact one. As to being back on the table tops, that is coming quite soon. My schedule is about to change as I rotate to my turn on 3rd shift and I'll have every Thur, Fri, and Sat evening free. So in a week, possibly two, I'll be back up there again. As to blogging, work and personal stuff have eaten up most of the year and nothing hobby has been really completed at all since the last blog post so hopefully that'll start changing some as well.

Waaargh Pug said...

That's a really excellent idea, creating objectives/bases/etc. that are linked to other gamer's squads. Could be a fun project as a group to do, too!

Da Masta Cheef said...


@Kushial: Wait, what's that? Astropaths have detected faint whisperings in the Lions of Harlech? Th-they still live?!?!

@ Oh all manner of bases are adorned with our opponents colors. Ultramarines, Dark Angels are most prevalent, but Tau helms on spikes matching Amy's army colors are not unknown either.

Siph_Horridus said...

I do similar, taunting my regular opponents with detritus and discarded helmets of UM and Iron Warriors etc. And they do the same - a fallen Relictor Daemon Prince and a crushed Relictor Rhino on the Blastscape terrain piece.. i will do both back in kind in UM colours fear not! haha.

And shame about BoLS.. it really used to be the place to go for gossip, now I turn to Reddit r/warhammer40k and Faeit212, those BoLS pop-up ads were fecking annoying and the comments sections toxic - at least Reddit polices itself.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes BoLS' fall from grace was (like its comments section) fast and furious! I got sick of em, stopped visiting the site and removed their ridiculously large widget from my page (placed in exchange for a place in their no-longer existent blog roll). It is sad though, they used to be the go to place for most everything! Nowadays, they're a spikey-bitz-like clickbait site that I might visit on a quarterly basis (and even then often by mistake).

Faeit212 has been my go to daily rumor mill read for quite some time now. That or just scrolling thru the endless blogs out there to see what everyone else has been up to.