Monday, August 23, 2010

Anuver day, anuver Deffkpota

Feels that way sometimes...


Not too much this time around, though I did paint a DeffKopta yesterday.

As you can see this one has a buzz saw. I could call that a 'konvershun' however it was such an easy add-on that I don't think it really qualifies.

Saturday night I got a game in with my CSMs. I would like to say it was a glorious victory but in all honesty my opponent's dice failed him so horribly, that its really hard to gauge just how my army did. The sole exception to that was my all plasma havoc squad in a rhino. Four plasma guns and an aspiring champion with plasma-bolter hopped out, opened fire, and none of my guys died (indeed only one shot missed). When the smoke cleared a lone Gray Hunter was left before them which the remaining Havocs with bolters took down. Beyond that one moment, his dice rolling was so bad that evaluating my army's performance is debatable at best.

That's all I have really. As short as this post is, I'll throw in some 'filler'. Here's a looted wagon that I'm posting as a query for legality for the upcoming Chattanooga Classic tournament. The T.O. seems to be lenient on Konvershuns, but as this isn't based on a GW model I wanted to be sure prior to using it.

Its an old Armorcast Scorpion generic Sci-Fi tank. When I bought this it was new in the box & out of production, that may have changed though as Armorcast seems to be in better health than in the past.


Papa JJ said...

I think I've lost count... how many deffkoptas does that leave still to paint? Nice work on the win even if it was more a matter of your opponent's bad luck that tipped things to your favor. That havoc squad of plasma-death sounds frightening!

Da Masta Cheef said...

I've been on the receiving end of the plasma havoc squad via rhino many times (its a favorite of Murl from the 13th Cadian) so it was kind of a default choice for a heavy slot.

I have 5 Deffkoptas left to paint for the tourney list (beyond the tourney list I have 2 more as well).