Monday, August 9, 2010

Da Roag Skwadrun!


Well I got my gift card/refund from office depot for my crappy camera, but I haven't gotten a new one yet. I do however have my grandparent's digital camera this week as they wanted me to save their photos to a cd as the camera was almost full. So THAT means I have a photo this week!


So, can you find the screwed up one with the serious aerodynamic issues?

Boy, it sure is nice to actually see what is in the photo!

Anyways, I have no idea who will be Wej Antilly as of yet. I was asked if I'll be naming all of the pilots after those in the books, but as I've not read the books, the answer is no. Currently the only one with a name is the bloo one named (yup, you guessed it) 'BLOO THUNDA!' That one also has a buzz saw. I have four more of those left on the Catachan Sentinel sprues from which it came, all of which will be added to various koptas. The dezert colored one on the right is the newest paint job. It originally was converted to a twin-linked big shoota, but I didn't like it, so it was converted back into a twin-linked rokkit launcha (and oddly enough, I like it more than the standard fit, but don't have the bitz to convert anymore to match). It also has a big bomm as does the bleached bone kopta, and one of the others behind them. To date, big bomms have effectively done squat for me, however I just HAD to use those cool looking wrecking balls from the trukk kit for something!

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