Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Update.


Not a whole lot is new since my screaming FW rant.

Murl came over Thursday evening for a game of BFG. He'd never faced the Orks before and made the mistake of closing with them quickly. Once you're within 15cm (eavy gunz' range) the Ork fleet is in its element and in short order, three Chaos Murder class cruisers fled the field leaving the shattered remains of their fleet behind them.

Friday evening Screech came over to to pick up that infernal Medusa (as I wouldn't be @ the FLGS this past weekend). He seemed pleased with the model. He mentioned getting another one, to which I informed him that he'd be on his own. He had also brought his Imperial BFG fleet, and the Orks went to battle once more. I would like to say that they weren't yet fully recovered from the previous evening's engagement. However, I think it was an EPIC failure to brace for impact, despite a reroll on my Deth-Deala class battleship (Da' Orktown) when it was caught between 2 locked on Dominators on one side, and a locked on battlecruiser (the class escapes me) on the other. With da' Orktown badly crippled in one turn, my Orks never really recovered and were eventually tabled.

Ah well that was the first defeat for my Ork fleet, was bound to happen.

On the painting front I painted my shoota boyz Nob.

They say the camera adds 10lbs, or for minis, 10 mistakes. So after this was taken, several touch ups were made. Anyways, this is actually the one-off Flash Git mini that GW has made. Personally I would think a flash git's equipment would be 'flashier' but it works well enough for a nob.


Murl said...

Slow day at work?

Da Masta Cheef said...

Just first thing this morning.