Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating Crow....sorta...


Not sure where that term came from, I first heard it via Spencer on 40k Radio.

Anyways, when I heard that the new 8th ed WHFB rulebook was $75-$125 depending on which version you bought, I pitched a fit. WTF?!? I haven't played the game in close to two years now, and I'm NOT spending that kind of money just to see if I want to be bothered with it again. Really? $100ish for an update, even if you have an army? Good deal or not, the Starter box coming at a cost of $100 as well seems like a serious error in judgment. When I was a kid, had I asked my Mom to buy me a game @ that cost because it looked neat would have been met with a firm 'no, put it back' (off topic train, hang on why I redirect).

Anyways, a few regiments went on ebay, one sold with no interest in the others and back on the shelf they went (I had a similar experience last year). I've since heard that horde armies have gotten a good boost, and fielding Night Goblins, I started to wonder. After all of my bitching & screaming over costs of 8th ed., and being more or less indifferent to whether or not I even want to deal with the game, I've decided to keep the goblins.

Some of them anyways.

When the boxed set comes out, I only need to wait a few weeks, and then I can buy the little rulebook online for $15-$20 or so. So, as a compromise, I've only put the units I'm not fond of on ebay, trimming the horde down to a 1k list. 1k (despite containing more than 100 minis, it fits in a smallish box, so is easily contained, already paid for, and barring 10 gobbos, fully painted (not a flocked base in sight though).

Here's what's left:

Aside from fanatics, squig hoppers are 'the premiere unit' in a night goblin army.

The 'lobba' in back was 'captured' from some Kaos stunties....ok, from Da Long Ways Dezert Groop, but they shoot rocks out of it too, so does it matter? I don't like the WHFB lobba kit, however as that crew is made of the only non-night goblin models in the army, if I decide I like the game, I may replace it with a doom diver (though truth be told, I don't much like that kit either).

Anyways, with the crow eaten, I now have an army who's only real strength is sheer numbers. This is nothing new of course as it takes good karma, the proper alignment of celestial bodes, and the potential sacrifice of a live squid (not so easily attainable in eastern Tennessee) for night goblins to win anyways.


sonsoftaurus said...

When I had my Gobbos, I used an old 40K Snakebite Squig catapult for the rocklobba. Looks like a fantasy model already, and looks like it could actually be moved unlike the official rocklobba.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah that's another concern is the immobile design of the Rock Lobba & Doom Diver. I know they're 'built on site' weapons, but you can't really aim them (not that goblin aim is much to brag about).