Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ok, so maybe I should read the instructions....


Well I got a new digital camera, a Canon A3000. It was kinda late last night, so I just pulled it out of the box, snapped a few photos, uploaded them to my computer and figured that was good enough.

Did I read the instructions? No.

Did I try to find the correct setting? No.

The result: Kinda grainy.

So I suppose I'll have to actually read the manual a bit to see what I'm doing wrong/not doing at all/etc.

Anyways here are a few shots...

An Aurora Scout, one of the few I have painted.

My new Demon prince-turned Greater Demon of Malal (which is why there are no wings).

Inquisitor Proust and two of his 'slaught troopers' (warriors w/hellguns). I have enough to do a full storm trooper squad and these boys (they're old VOR Rad Troopers) have obviously been inhaling too much in the way of drugs, thus their emaciated appearance & my justification for the 4+ save. After all, it doesn't hurt when you're high! The inquisitor is an old SM mini that was featured recently on the Gentleman's ones (well his mini, not mine), and posted for comparison purposes at B.Smoove's request.

Screen shot! (sorta) I'm still using a PC keyboard on my Mac mini, and as I don't have an apple key, I can't take screen shots. Anyways this is my cash cow in EVE online, its an asteroid mining ship classed as a 'Hulk' and named Lou Ferrigno. Asteroid mining in EVE is as much fun as watching paint dry, which is why i often paint minis while mining (so I really am watching paint dry). From past conversations via in-game local (solar system), corp (like a guild), and alliance channels, there are quite a few miners that are painting minis while mining in EVE.

Geek Multi-tasking FTW!

Anyways that's all I've got for this week. I'll be fielding my CSM army this weekend to try out the Greater Demon. By just arriving on the table top he'll be garnering a victory for Malal (by the way, if you don't know who Malal is, click here), as it'll kill an aspiring minion of one of Malal's rivals. Most of the army is unpainted still, and has once again raided the Imperial motor pool for rhinos & a predator. While I call my CSMs the 'Blood Eagles' the 'Scavengers' seems more appropriate...


b.smoove said...

Absolutely love the Inquisitor conversion. He's brilliant. Beautiful freehand work for the symbol on his shin as well. Class.

I dig the henchmen as well. Where did you say they were from? The colors genuinely support the impression that they're all huffing glue in those masks.

Great stuff.

b.smoove said...

p.s. Just caught the Lou Ferrigno line. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thank you sir! However, sadly I can't take credit for the Inquisition symbol, its just a decal.

The 'Slaught' Troopers are Neo-Soviet Rad Troopers from the Old VOR game. They are still available here:

As for the Hulk, actually its quite harmless (mine anyways), it has a fair compliment of drones for defensive purposes. But you can attack with them as seen here: (I used to know the pilot in this clip, don't think he plays anymore though).