Monday, August 15, 2011

Assassin & Paladin


In looking throught the new GK codex, I saw that the Eversor assassin's gun was no longer a combi-weapon but rather just an 'uber' bolt pistol. For years I had been using my old 'original' assassin conversion as the aptly named 'Obsolete Assassin'. He was an elite slot Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor with rosarius, bolter-stake crossbow, frag & Krak, and a power weapon, and all for a mere 68pts. He never accomplished too much other than just running around, looking cool, and ganking the occasional psyker. However two quick snips of the 'crossbow' bits on his gun, a little bit of codex gray to cover the bare plastic, and he is now returned to full assassin status as an Eversor! :-D

This evening my 'wound allocation circus' will get its battlefield debut against....something. Hopefully another fluff ball list. Though I'm already have visions of a gun line IG list that will obliterate me without ever even trying to move forward. Nonetheless, I finished painting up my paladin 'Matt Fucking Ward' last night and am rather pleased with him (well, the mini, not the actual guy).
The Chapterhouse Exorcist shoulder pad fit on nicely, and GW's sculptors really did an excellent job of giving it a really dynamic pose (though that was more a luck of the draw sort of thing for me as I ordered this lone mini from ebay). The base looked too plain to just flock (a common issue with the 40mm bases) so I trimmed down a Slaaneshi (I believe) icon to fit. All I need now is the regular Exorcist Squad and then (barring the 'borrowed' Aurora vehicles I'll have an almost entirely painted army.


neverness said...

Wow! Matt Fucking Ward looks pretty awesome...(LOL, one really has to be careful with setting up the context with that name, huh?)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Indeed. I added the old assassin pic in as I didn't want his name showing up on other people's blogs & potentially pissing them off.

It really is a cool mini though. Screech joked like he was going to drop it last night, but i informed him that Matt Fucking Ward was indestructible!

Papa JJ said...

Hahahahaha! Nice work, Cheef. :)