Monday, August 29, 2011

Orks! In! Spaaaaaaaaace!!!

(use the narrator's voice from the Muppet Show's 'Pigs in Spaaaace!' segment)


I'm still kinda in the 'I want to paint, but don't feel like painting' funk. Dunno why, or when it'll end. Its kinda odd really as even when burnt out I've never had any loss in the urge to paint minis.


Anyways, I decided to drag out my Ork BFG fleet yesterday and paint some ships up. BFG ships are quite easy to paint as they're more or less a case of almost all dry brushing, and Ork ships make it even easier as they really don't need to look 'pretty'. So letting my attention to detail pretty much slack off, I managed to paint the following:

Da Red Orktober! This is one of my Kill Kroozers. Its kinda sad that there is such a limited number of Ork kroozer types. but such is GW's love of its specialist games division. Having an over-abundance of karriers, all of my various kroozers (konvershuns included) are all now counted as just Kill Kroozers.

A Brute Ram ship skwadrun. These have always been little psychological warfare weapons of terror, yet have never really accomplished anything aside from said terror on the table top. However after our last game (whenever that was) I realized that I had misread the LD checks for ramming and that that was the cause of their continued failure (which shall hopefully be corrected in their future).

And lastly a pair of Savage Gunships, which are now equipped with 'Bloo Toof Teknology!' Despite their increased speed over other escort/kroozer types, these two tend to hang back till da fleet gets 'stuck in'. At which point they charge in and (hopefully) cripple something that was more concerned with the looming Kroozers and/or battleship.

At this point, all that my Ork fleet has left to be painted is my Supa Karrier (battleship) Da Orktown, and a terror ship turned kill krooozer named Da Orkinawa.


neverness said...

'Bloo toof' LOL

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, that's trade marked buddy! So don't try using that in any of your sales pitches!