Thursday, August 4, 2011

Never tell me the odds!


So, this past Monday, my Skaven warband the Clockwork Forage attacked some hapless Reiklanders in my first game of Mordheim in years. Starting out, we learned that I4 is great! And we also learned that we screwed up stuff all the way through as well. Hence no casualties were permanent, no experience was gained, etc.

However the highlight of the game (for me) was when The Great Horned Rat shined his favor upon the Forage as I rolled (8) 6's in a row! (while profanity was streaming from the other side of the table) I really only needed six of those as at that point the two Reiklanders that I had attacked were both out of action, I just kept rolling to see how many more sixes I could get. Afterwards I posted a query on facebook about the odds of that and the geeks responded quickly with a ‎1 in 1,679,616 chance! I wish I had that kind of luck on lottery tickets! (though I did win $4 this morning, after an expenditure of $2)

Speaking of numbers, we played Space Hulk again last night, and while the Blood Angels were wiped out again (victory was so close!) although they did manage a nice 3.7 kill ratio in their favor.

In other news. Murl had lent me his GK codex, forgot about that, couldn't find it, so he bought another, then remembered & told me to keep it (conveniently my birthday is right around the corner). He told me to try it rather than just sell off my horde of inquisitorial retinues, and after some pondering I'm going to give it a shot.

In truth, there is little in the codex that really appeals to me aside from all of the retinues (and maybe the Vindicare). However one chapter I've always liked, but felt could never be adequately fielded is the Exorcists*. Already having the HQ & Troops needs filled, I'm going to try & field the Exorcists in the Heavy Support role. For now I can borrow the primed rifleman dread & landraider crusader from the Aurora and to that I'm going to add a 5-man purgation squad with four psycannons. That will give me some good light anti-armor/MC support, and if all goes well with that I'll add in another in time. To help keep them from just looking like red & black GK, I ordered some Exorcist & devastator shoulder pads from Chapter house studios. Enough for one 5-man squad and one termie shoulder pad. I figure I'll field a single Paladin (all hail ebay) to act as a commander to the Exorcist's contingent (who will be named 'Matt Fucking Ward' in honor of his writing of the codex & his 4chan page, no warding stave though I don't think I could stomach a 2+/2++ model in my army).

*The Exorcist image was taken without permission from who probably stole it from GW who actually holds the copyright on it.


The Inner Geek said...

Good job on the dice rolling. It's all skill and don't let anyone tell you different!

I quite like the exorcists chapter. They have a pretty festive background.

War Frog said...

I hope that Matt Ward does the next Eldar codex

Screech said...

You realize that your Paladin will NEVER survive a battle. In addition, by killing Matt Fucking Ward, the killer automatically wins the game by Moral Victory.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh contrare! Matt Fucking Ward is unstoppable!!!

Sorry froggy, but the Eldar will never be as good as the were back in 1st/2nd ed.

and @ the Geek: I'll try telling Screech that it's skill, but he'll still swear at me and make accusations of microwaved dice...

neverness said...

True about the eldar in 1st & 2nd edition! The original Shurikan Catapult was easily the most feared ;basic' weapon in the game!

Glad you're keeping the Inquisition! It would be a shame to see you sell off more of your more characterful models...