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My Dark Heresy RPG group has been (somewhat) mulling the idea of trying out the Deathwatch RPG. Personally I'm more inclined towards Black Crusade as in DH, the 'good guy' characters that I tend to play would really fit better in Black Crusade. However I don't have that book (is it even out yet?) but I do have a PDF copy of Deathwatch. I haven't read too much of it however as i really don't like PDF books (rather I've more or less have just been skimming through the fluff & looking @ the pictures).

In the event that we do give it a try, the Storm Warden below will be used as my character (who has no stats whatsoever, yet already has a background, typical of me). Thus I present to you: Ozwald d'Kraken
The Stormwardens have a bit of a Scottish theme to them, so I gave him a claymore (which they can have in lieu of a combat blade) , and tried my hand at a tartan sash of sorts. It came out alright I think. he backpack reliquary holds the skulls of his former 10th co. sergeants.

Usually marines selected for service in the Deathwatch are grizzled veterans with decades if not centuries of combat experience. Not so with Ozwald, he's more of a hard luck case who's being sent to the Deathwatch with much trepidation...

+++++++++++++++DATE: 832945.M40

++++++++++++++++REF: SW/301259116

+++++++TRANSMITTED: Highcastle

+++++++++++++++++TO: Scintilla/Tricorn

++++++++++++SUBJECT: Warrior Tithe

+++++++++++LOCATION: Calixis Subsector

+++++SECURITY LEVEL: Vermillion

++++++++++++TOUGHT: The reward for suspicion is exile.



As chapter master I am honor bound to provide a tithe of volunteers to the Ordo Xenos at every opportunity. Many a Storm Warden has volunteered his service to the Deathwatch, and all have served with distinction. Indeed, transference to the Deathwatch holds great honor amongst our brethren. However it is with some trepidation that I send you our latest battle brother for service. His service is as brief as it has been exceptional (for a variety of reasons). However he is superstitiously considered ill omened, if not an outright harbinger of doom for his fellow squad mates. No squad in the 6th reserve will voluntarily accept his placement among their ranks. Rather than foment further dissention among the 6th , and/or any of our other reserve and battle companies chapter command has decided on exile as the best course of action. Unlike prior and current Storm Wardens fighting within the Deathwatch, brother d’Kraken (excluding his geneseed) is neither expected, nor permitted to return to us.

Lorgath Maclir

Storm Wardens Chapter Master


Battle Brother Ozwald d’Kraken

Storm Wardens • 6th Reserve Company

Formerly 4th Tactical Squad (4th Squad has been permanently stricken from 6th Co. ranks)


• Culled from Sacris trials 943.M40

• Initiate acceptance of implants: 100%

• Initiate acceptance of indoctrination: 100%

• Initiate accepted into 10th Company, 21st squad: 944.M40

• Initiate accepted into 6th Company 4th Squad: 945.M40

• Transfer to Deathwatch approved: 945.M40

• 10th Co. Deployments:


47 Kapella : Performance: Exemplary

41 Pry : Performance: Minimal*

Hulk Rise of Damnation (the purging thereof) : Performance: Exemplary


Avitohol : Performance: Nominal**

Overall performance: Acceptable

• 6th Co. Deployments:


Mara : Performance: Minimal***

* 21st Squad virtually wiped out by explosive decompression instigated by renegade suicide teams. Initiate d’Kraken was sole survivor, immediately removed from combat zone. After action, initiate d’Kraken reassigned to 34th Squad, 10th Co.

**34th Squad reduced by half after xenos ‘lifta-droppa’ hurled Landspeeder Storm 34/2 into a cliff side at speed. 34thsurvivors (Landspeeder Storm 34/1) attempted extraction of bodies/wreckage. 34th survivors caught in ambush with heavy losses & subsequently removed from warzone. Initiate D’Kraken & initiate Zarros only survivors. After Action reassigned 17th Squad, 10th Co.

***6th Company ‘training’ deployment to crush prison uprisings. 1st deployment of newly initiated 4th squad, Vet. Sgt. d’Aro in command. 4th squad drop pod suffers guidance malfunction resulting in missed landing zone, instead puncturing Maran ice pack. All but one pod door are unable to deploy due to ice/water, brothers d’Kraken & Zarros exit, attempt to assist remainder of squad within. Within pod, squad member (ID unknown) accidentally releases a door, opening out into to water below. Pod immediately flooded, added weight causes it to shift suddenly, knocking d’Kraken onto ice sheet and Zarros into pod. Pod sinks immediately to depth estimated at 7000m. 9 Battle brothers lost to pressure implosions of armor. Brother d’Kraken left as sole survivor. D’Kraken crossed (est.) 500km of ice pack & tundra to rejoin 6th company. 4th squad are the only casualties sustained during deployment. After action, due to 4th squad losses sustained on 1st deployment, 4th squad stricken permanently from ranks of 6th co., 11th squad formed to replace. 6th co. squads unwilling to accept brother d’Kraken, though investigation(s) show no fault of d’kraken led to initiates/battle brother’s deaths. Chapter decision: d’Kraken to be removed from chapter via induction into Deathwatch.


neverness said...

That was awesome! I hope to make that happen soom. Black Crusade was just release over the weekend at Gen Con....

Da Masta Cheef said...

The DM, thanks man!

neverness said...

The real sad thing is that the Death Watch squad on my drawing table was started the month they last appeared in White Dwarf (the month the Tyranids came out in 4th ed....2004?) and I don't have a single one finished yet and You crank this model out in a day! I really need to focus...sigh...:)